Internet of Things (IoT)

Harness the power of real-world data for your business

More and more, the entire physical world is becoming a vast information system. The Internet of Things (IoT) is your opportunity to leverage that data to drive growth and value for your business.

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Find out why Siemens-Gamesa chose Metal Toad as their IoT partner.

Metal Toad develops IoT systems that tap into the power of real-world data. Sensors embedded in physical objects gather crucial data and send it to the cloud, where it can be processed, analyzed, and transmitted to you—in the form of insights you can use to reduce costs and increase revenue.

  • Reduce costs by automating monitoring of your systems

  • Reallocate employee time to higher-value activities through automated process monitoring

  • Reduce capital investment expenses with better asset and fleet management

  • Improve uptime and reliability with predictive maintenance

  • Unlock crucial information with passive intelligence collection

  • Make better-informed decisions with key business intelligence


Connecting IoT to the cloud

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Tech-agnostic: Metal Toad’s deep tech expertise starts in being technology-agnostic. We work with leading-edge systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Things, and more—the right system to solve your business needs. This agnostic approach extends to connections: from peer-to-peer device connections to bluetooth, 3G, wireless, and beyond—our infrastructure expertise encompasses the entire technological landscape.

Scalable: We create systems that are enormously elastic—so you can scale from proof-of-concept to production-size data streams seamlessly. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can glean from your sensors.

Secure: We build with security top of mind from the get-go. You can rest assured that your IoT data is encrypted end to end, rooted in a system that minimizes risks and keeps your infrastructure safe. From the code itself to our workplace protocols, Metal Toad takes a holistic approach to security that ensures our clients’ data is safe—even when dealing with highly sensitive information.


Data you can actually use

Of course, IoT data is only beneficial if you can put it to good use. That’s where our expertise in data analytics, data visualization, and UX design come in. We build a system that lets you see and use your data in meaningful ways to make decisions that help your business thrive. And with smart reporting tools, you have access to insights on the fly, without allocating employee resources to manual reporting.

Great UX goes both ways—in addition to an interface that displays your data insights, we can build the apps you need to control your IoT devices in the real world.

Case Studies

Daimler Trucks North America

Unlocking data to transform fleet management

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Case Study: ABC Television

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DC Entertainment

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Why choose us as your AWS Cloud Consulting Partner?

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Cloud Experts, AWS Specialists

We build the most valuable, safest solutions for our customers and have a significant amount of experience across all the major public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google). Because of this when architecting from the ground up we build using AWS managed services due to their rapid innovation, and track record of high performance.

proven track record in the cloud

Proven Track Record of Success

Metal Toad is the trusted entertainment-industry partner for reliable cloud solutions. With staff in multiple US cities like Los Angeles, New York, Portland and more as well as an extensive Brazil-based work force we deliver a premium hybrid experience.

customer focus

True Partnership = Lower Risk

Your business interests are our top priority. We’ll always recommend the best solution for you, even if we lose an opportunity in the short term. We proudly believe that our commitment to long-term partnership over quick profits makes us the lowest risk option in the industry.

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