Data Migration Solutions

Successful Data Migrations with Metal Toad

Today’s business leaders spend billions of dollars migrating data between applications. With that kind of cash outlay, you would think that success is all but assured. Yet well over half of new systems fail to meet expectations, typically due to unforeseen flaws in the migration process.

Data migrations with Metal Toad serve as the antidote to this. As opposed to the traditional model of diving into development and asking questions later, Metal Toad’s consultative process ensures that all parties are aware of all affected components and there is a mutually shared vision for project success.

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Metal Toad data migration services include:

  • upfront consulting to ensure alignment of project success key performance indicators,
  • rooting out the required data and sorting it from the “noise,”
  • eliminating oversights from duplicate or inaccurate data,
  • mitigating your risk associated with migrating from a legacy system,
  • achieving the requisite return on investment for the new data layer,
  • and having data that is immediately actionable at the time of launch.

Why Migrate Your Data?

Data migrations have traditionally been considered the single biggest risk in a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementation. So why would you and your team want to put yourselves at risk?

The vast majority of data migrations are done under need, not want. This, along with coinciding hard deadlines, makes undertaking an automated data migration one of the single most painful business processes for internal IT teams to endure. Choosing Metal Toad as your trusted data migration partner helps you ensure that the quality of your data is improved as you move it from one system to another. When the architecture is properly built, your data becomes an asset, not a liability.

Properly planned data solutions open the door to possibilities to achieve business insights, through big data, data science, machine learning, and more. As the system itself is seen as the core of your investment in data, any data migration is typically viewed as a necessary cost, often leading to an oversimplified, underfunded approach. Schedule your free consultation today.

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