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The data-driven business is here to stay. The volume of data available to today’s business leaders is driven by the proliferation of devices and perpetually emerging channels of data creation and consumption. The volume, velocity, and variety of data that organizations need to analyze changes daily and the value of a big data partnership to your organization has never been higher.

Uncovering insights from your data requires a partner adept in effective aggregation, integration, validation, and gleaning techniques. Metal Toad’s Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) model extends beyond the technology landscape and includes analytical processes, methodologies, and workflows focused on generating insights that accelerate decisions built on real time business value. Schedule your free consultation today.

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Find out why Siemens-Gamesa chose Metal Toad as their big data partner.

Metal Toad’s BDaaS offering is holistic and covers you and your team’s big data needs from beginning to end. This includes:

  • upfront data consulting,
  • technology/data evaluation and architectural recommendations,
  • data modeling,
  • capacity planning and optimization,
  • data security and governance,
  • custom algorithm development,
  • early stage POC/POV,
  • data and system integrations,
  • analytics, reports, and data visualization,
  • identity assurance and access management,
  • data backup, recovery, and archival support,
  • and 24 x 7 x 365 access to North American-based engineers from Metal Toad.

Big data in the cloud

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Tech-agnostic: Metal Toad’s deep tech expertise starts in being technology-agnostic. We work with leading-edge systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Things, and more—the right system to solve your business needs. This agnostic approach extends to connections: from peer-to-peer device connections to bluetooth, 3G, wireless, and beyond—our infrastructure expertise encompasses the entire technological landscape.

Scalable: We create systems that are enormously elastic—so you can scale from proof-of-concept to production-size data streams seamlessly. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can glean from your sensors.

Secure: We build with security top of mind from the get-go. You can rest assured that your IoT data is encrypted end to end, rooted in a system that minimizes risks and keeps your infrastructure safe. From the code itself to our workplace protocols, Metal Toad takes a holistic approach to security that ensures our clients’ data is safe—even when dealing with highly sensitive information.


Transform Your Business with Big Data

Metal Toad enables organizations to conceptualize and drive architected big data programs across multiple domains and focus areas. The information age gives businesses unfettered access to big data that is constantly evolving in volume, variety, velocity, and complexity and questions are constantly being asked to today’s business leaders.

With more data coming from more sources at unprecedented speed, what is your big data strategy? Are you combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business? Will your data remain dormant or will you make it work for you?

The need for a big data partnership has never been greater and Metal Toad works to help you bring order to your data. With proven expertise across multiple technologies and industries, Metal Toad offers a holistic BDaaS offering – from thought leadership in consulting to algorithm development to implementation to data warehousing and 24 x 7 x 365 data security support. Predict your customer demand, make informed decisions faster than ever before, and ensure your data’s security.

Manage and understand your data with Metal Toad. Read more about Big Data here and schedule your free consultation today.

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Why choose us as your AWS Cloud Consulting Partner?

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Cloud Experts, AWS Specialists

We build the most valuable, safest solutions for our customers and have a significant amount of experience across all the major public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google). Because of this when architecting from the ground up we build using AWS managed services due to their rapid innovation, and track record of high performance.

proven track record in the cloud

Proven Track Record of Success

Metal Toad is the trusted entertainment-industry partner for reliable cloud solutions. With staff in multiple US cities like Los Angeles, New York, Portland and more as well as an extensive Brazil-based work force we deliver a premium hybrid experience.

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True Partnership = Lower Risk

Your business interests are our top priority. We’ll always recommend the best solution for you, even if we lose an opportunity in the short term. We proudly believe that our commitment to long-term partnership over quick profits makes us the lowest risk option in the industry.

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