API Development

API Development with Metal Toad

There is an ever increasing need to bridge the communication gaps between software. As the technology landscape constantly evolves, this need becomes an even more integral part of keeping your team up and running. An Application Programming Interface (API) is commonly the answer but, when it comes to the custom technology stack throughout your business, the need for a custom API development partner that can integrate complex, diverse platforms is paramount.

Metal Toad understands the importance of your data flowing seamlessly to where you need it, when you need it, and can help your team in strategizing, designing, developing, and implementing powerful APIs. Schedule your free consultation today.

Leverage custom API development with Metal Toad to:

  • build strong user experiences,
  • expand your platform with external tools and technologies,
  • and ensure long-term technical viability and scalability.

Engineering the Right API for Your Needs

There are a variety of effective APIs in the world today. Metal Toad’s expertise lies in the two most powerful versions: RESTful API and DTO-based API.

RESTful APIs are often preferred due to their simplicity and performance. They are simple and sleek, optimizing performance without interrupting the user experience. RESTful APIs are always hiding behind the scenes and they are the most common choice in today’s best mobile apps, social networking applications, mashup tools, and automated business processes.

APIs based on DTO (or Data Transfer Objects) are used to perform demanding operations and internal data structures without being detected. DTO-based APIs are utilized by most business applications where high-powered logic and business rules are necessary.

If you and your team need a custom API development partner, schedule your free consultation with Metal Toad today.

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