Mobile App Development Services

Build a powerful, multi-channel ecosystem that drives engagement on every device. Metal Toad specializes in native app development for all devices (including phones, tablets, watches, and more)—creating high-performing, reliable products that drive ongoing engagement.

Our mobile engineers create custom apps that integrate with your entire digital ecosystem—from iOS and Android apps that increase user engagement, to IoT apps that seamlessly integrate your digital landscape with the physical world, to AR and VR apps that create whole new worlds for your users to explore.

Our approach

Our team of highly experienced mobile developers are experts in native iOS and Android development, with a unique approach rooted in best practices, Agile methodology, and innovative engineering. 

Mobile strategy
A successful product depends not just on building a good app, but building the right app—one that effectively meets your business needs. Our mobile services are rooted in strategic discovery that uncovers the “why” behind the project and clarifies your vision, strategic goals, and KPIs. 

End-to-end design
Our end-to-end approach ensures that your app deeply engages users and elevates your brand. We identify both business and user needs to determine the best features and technologies, and rely on customer-driven user experience (UX) and interface (UI) design principles to deliver an amazing customer experience within your app. 

Flexible development
With expertise in both native and hybrid development, our team of developers builds with the long term in mind, delivering apps with peak performance, operational efficiency, and the ability to scale as needed—customized to your strategic plans. 

Cross-functional collaboration
When you work with Metal Toad, you tap into a wealth of expertise—cloud technology, UX design, iterative QA, and more. Our cross-functional teams deliver a truly delightful mobile experience at every level.

Full ecosystem development
You app doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it’s part of your entire digital ecosystem. We develop apps within our robust software methodology, integrating with your existing web properties, data feeds, and libraries. Nothing is done ad hoc—we believe full-stack development expertise is key to successful apps. 

Long-term POV
Whether building from scratch or updating an existing app, we take the long view. Our development cycle looks beyond the first delivery, planning for the ongoing maintenance and evolution of your software. Your architecture is easy to scaffold and scale up, and your code base is seamlessly transferrable to other teams, in-house and beyond.

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