Design Your Cloud with Experts.

Long-term Custom Cloud Partnership with Metal Toad

Cloud hosting solutions often come with an asterisk – requiring you to use their infrastructure, their deployment tools, and their technology stack. You have no choice. You are stuck.

The Metal Toad custom cloud is the polar opposite of commodity cloud hosting – building the cloud according to your business strategy and technology requirements for governance, usability, compliance, and interoperability. By providing highly secure, compliant, and affordable configurations, Metal Toad leverages an extensive managed cloud background to ensure that your custom cloud meets or exceeds your unique business goals.

Do you and your team need a long-term partner to help you build, manage, and scale your custom cloud? Schedule your free consultation today.

Additionally, Metal Toad offers a flat monthly server management rate of $300 per server* to reduce confusion and the “black box” nature of custom cloud hosting. This service includes:

  • no minimum monthly commitment,
  • 99.99+% uptime,
  • a direct telephone and email line to Metal Toad Cloud Engineers,
  • full "white glove" treatment regardless of size or budget,
  • global autoscaling that only charges you for the cloud you need,
  • instant flexibility and endless scalability,
  • and an ironclad service level agreement (SLA).


Investing in Your Custom Cloud

Relying on cloud architecture built to your specific needs enables your internal teams to focus on adding value within your organization. Expert cloud architecture allows organizations to scale more easily, reduce capital costs, and achieve the agility required to stay competitive.

Metal Toad provides end-to-end administration, provisioning, management, integration, and delivery of both your application and server layers. Custom cloud solutions are delivered with unlimited scalability and unmatched security for multi-tenant, divisional, or dedicated deployment with a keen focus on keeping your data, content, workflows, and assets secure.

Once your custom cloud architecture is built, Metal Toad’s team of cloud engineers monitor it 24 x 7  x 365, providing experienced support for even the most complex cloud environments. Metal Toad empowers you to optimize your cloud infrastructure to meet your business needs today while adapting rapidly to satisfy tomorrow’s business requirements.

Are you and your team interested in a long-term custom cloud partnership? Schedule your free consultation today.