Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Diagram

Data, Content, Workflows, & Asset Migrations to the Cloud

Data, content, workflows, and asset transport – as well as its underlying risks and complications – apply to almost every large-scale enterprise IT project. The smartest way to move your GBs, TBs, or PBs of data depends on your existing data storage infrastructure as well as its new home. How do you and your team seamlessly move data from its current location to your new cloud while minimizing disruption, cost, effort, and time?

Metal Toad builds long-term partnerships by migrating vast amounts of data, content, workflows, and digital assets into a variety of custom, expertly planned cloud solutions. Whether your cloud migration requires rudimentary migration tools or high degrees of automation, Metal Toad’s broad expertise translates into a suite of services that hold the key to a successful cloud migration.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, your business goals are met by a global AWS cloud infrastructure guided by Metal Toad’s expertise in cloud migrations, cloud architecture, and cloud storage. Schedule your free consultation today if you need to:

  • migrate an existing physical or virtual server to a cloud provider,
  • migrate a cloud server instance to another cloud provider,
  • alleviate concerns regarding cloud vendor “lock-in” and contracts,
  • or want to save time and money over a manual migration.


Save Time & Money with Automated Cloud Migrations

Cloud migrations – whether from static sources or from one cloud to another – have traditionally been expensive, long lasting, and resource intensive. Automation holds the key to today’s successful cloud migrations, especially for large, complex enterprise-class environments.

Manual scripts and processes to reconfigure storage, network, and security parameters within cloud platforms often result in errors that delay or stall projects. Metal Toad empowers organizations to seamlessly migrate data, content, and assets into the cloud with minimal manual effort. Automated cloud migrations built on years of experience minimize error while accelerating you and your team’s migration process.

Are you and your team interested in transforming your business workflows and processes with an automated cloud migration? Schedule your free consultation today.