User Experience (UX) and Interface (UI) Design

User-centric design: putting humans first

From UX design aligned to customer needs, to UIs that delight users, to back-end systems that support a strong user journey—we take a human-centered approach to design. You get solutions that increase performance, speed up time-to-value, and drive engagement.


What’s the difference between UX and UI?

UX defines how a product works; UI defines how a product looks. A great digital product experience starts with a human-centric UX that defines a rewarding customer journey, followed by UI that enhances your brand presence. To take your product from simply functional to highly motivational, you need great UX and UI working in tandem.


Our approach creates highly personalized, immersive experiences

Integrated design process
Our UX and UI design experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with our engineers. This collaborative, iterative process produces a user experience that works flawlessly, anticipates and solves for hurdles, and delivers the features your product needs to engage users and meet your business goals.

User research and personas
We gather data directly from users to define the guidelines for creating a valuable experience. This research informs personas—a representation of a user that incorporates user goals, current behavior, and pain points. Personas add value by aligning the team creating the product and keeping the user's needs top of mind.

User validation testing
Validation testing with real users decreases risk and removes assumptions by confirming that users find value in your product and approach. Our research identifies early on what users find valuable and what is or isn’t working. These insights are critical to success by confirming whether the product is on track and identifying needed pivots in response to feedback.


UX/UI that powers business success

Metal Toad’s UX design is rooted in intentionally designing digital products that align user needs with business goals to create a positive digital experience that adds value—for both your user and your business. Our services unearth insights that lead to the most successful apps, websites, and digital experiences.

In addition to design, our services include:

  • UX reviews and audits

  • User interviews, personas, and stories

  • Content audits and inventory

  • Competitive analysis

  • Wireframes

  • Task flows and user flows

  • Annotated prototypes

  • User testing


Discover UX and UI design that drives engagement

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