Proof of Concept Development

A radical idea that can change the landscape of your business carries both tremendous promise and a dose of risk. A Proof of Concept (PoC) lets you move forward quickly, while minimizing risk, gaining stakeholder buy-in, and saving money.

A PoC allows you to test your hypothesis before investing in a full build without necessary validation. Approaches include:

  • Test your market hypothesis with a UX prototype that allows you to do get feedback from users on features and functionality
  • Determine technical feasibility with a PoC you can test for functionality, technology gaps, and unexpected issues

PoCs lead to better end products

If you’ve ever gone to market only to discover a fatal flaw in your product, you know the pain points that PoCs can alleviate. Start with a PoC and you can:

  • reduce the risk of trying a new idea or technology
  • save time and money by uncovering issues before you build
  • gain insights that increase the likelihood of success
  • uncover user needs and pain points to clarify your strategy
  • prioritize your resource investments
  • increase speed to market

Building an app, delving into the Internet of Things (IoT), redefining your supply chain, implementing machine learning, integrating a new technology—any major disruption could benefit from a PoC. With Metal Toad as your partner, you can quickly test the waters and determine the most rewarding path forward. 

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