Hackathon as a Service

Any organization can get stuck in an innovation trough—where it’s difficult to see what’s possible, gain stakeholder buy-in, and secure budget for the next great idea. A hackathon can be the catalyst you need to dive deep into your boldest business concepts with a minimum investment of time and money. In many cases, seeing what a solution *could* be is enough to break the organizational logjam. 

We start with a clear business problem or technology theme, then blend your best and brightest with our experts—and unleash their creativity in a 48-hour innovation session. Curiosity, teamwork, pushing tech to the breaking point, testing out wild ideas: it’s an exciting two days of invention to deliver real-world solutions to your business problems. 

The event concludes with a shark-tank style presentation where teams display their solutions—and you end up with a solid foundation for building out a ground-breaking product.  

Single-team hackathons

This structure is ideal if you have a single, specific solution to puzzle out—like data flow in the cloud, a cloud transcoding issue, or an IoT device issue. One team of developers lays the groundwork for a solution that fulfills your vision of success.

Competitive hackathons

A competitive structure involves two to four teams of developers, who compete to come up with the best solution to your problem. This is well-suited to ideas with multiple possible routes to success, or situations where you have many possible ideas and need to find the right one to pursue further. The competitive element supercharges the will to win, and results in innovative solutions to tough problems.

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