Hubspot CMS

Hubspot CMS

Hubspot is an award winning CRM with a robust marketplace and vendor ecosystem; Hubspot CMS (Content Management System) is a best of breed CMS tool allowing you to manage your website content in browser. Built fully integrated into Hubspot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub, Hubspot CMS allows for turn-key professional-grade marketing websites. With all of the power of Hubspot at your fingertips, getting things setup properly at the start is critical. Our Hubspot CMS Services are supported by our Hubspot Certified engineers who are dedicated to applying Hubspot CMS best practices, allowing you to focus on what matters most: connecting with your customers.

Hubspot CMS with Metal Toad

Hubspot CMS is powerful, but can be difficult to harness on your own. Metal Toad brings over a decade of implementing content management systems to the table when implementing this modern CMS platform. Within the Hubspot ecosystem, we specialize only in CMS. We have amazing partners who can help you with your email, landing page or other marketing campaign objectives who work with us for their CMS needs because it is such a specialized implementation.

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Is Hubspot a CMS?
Hubspot CMS is one of the SaaS (Software as a Service) products offered by Hubspot. Hubspot is better thought of as a CRM (like Salesforce) while their CMS offering (Hubspot CMS) enables customers to create custom marketing websites that are fully integrated with their product suite. Their Marketing, Sales, Service products all work together, though each subscribed to individually.
How much is hubspot standalone cms?
The cost of a professional website build can vary, but the monthly cost for Hubspot CMS (in 2021) is $300/month for professional and $900/month for Enterprise. One key difference between Professional and enterprise is the support for additional domains.
Does it make sense to use Hubspot CMS?
With over 20+ years of CMS experience including platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Plone and others, Metal Toad is a huge advocate of Hubspot CMS. Marketing websites are much more than systems where content is updated so the easy integration of features like landing pages, chatbots, and email campaigns makes using a single unified system make a lot of sense. In addition the backend administration of a properly architected Hubspot website is really intuitive. While it's certainly possible to botch an implementation a well-architected Hubspot CMS website is a thing of beauty.
What's your support like?
Our support commitments are some of the best in the business and our cloud team is available via phone or email 27/7/365. Specific details can be found via our Service Level Agreement (SLA).
How do I migrate CMS content into Hubspot?
Migration from your current CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) can be a lot of work. While we recommend working with a professional to do this, if you are interested in doing it yourself we recommend keeping in mind the top 5 elements most marketing websites forget about - and kill SEO.
How long do I have to sign up for?
All of our contracts are written with a no obligation 30 days cancellation notice. With the cloud there are no servers to buy, so why get locked into long term contracts?
Who owns our Hubspot account?
We provide support for Hubspot CMS, but you own everything. Your website is run through your Hubspot account, leaving you in the driverseat.
Can I get tracking analytics with just hubspot cms?
While Hubspot provides great analytics tools and a fully integrated CRM (which we highly recommend) we are also proponents of integrating Google Analytics, which Hubspot fully supports. With Google Analytics you have to access your reports from Analytics, but the information will be there just like a WordPress or Drupal website.
How good is your security?
In addition to rigorous technical standards, all of our employees are subject to background checks and bound by non-disclosure agreements. In over 15 years we have never been a party to a breach of customer data. Our history notwhistanding, we also carry insurance that meets the legal and IT standards of some of the largest, most high profile companies on the planet.
I already have a Hubspot CMS implementation and I'm stuck - can you help me?
Yes. No matter where you are in your cloud journey there are often things that can be optimized. Best practices in AWS are evolving and improving as more features and services are launched around the globe.

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