Meld software development, IT operations, and best practices for high performing teams, rapid release, and continuous delivery. Metal Toad’s expert insights can help you understand the DevOps landscape and apply it effectively to support your business goals. 

In brief, DevOps is a set of practices comprising:

  • culture—collaboration and communication among teams and individuals
  • toolsets—automation and configuration, used either as a service or as a self-serve model
  • organizational design—where operations teams sit in relation to application development teams

These practices coalesce into a philosophy that connects application developers (the people writing the code) with system admin/technology operation roles (the people responsible for releasing code to production and keeping production up and running). 

The result allows you to release value to market more quickly while ensuring high quality—helping you realize your full digital potential, including:

  • faster time to market for new features
  • increased stability and security for operating environments
  • better team collaboration and productivity
  • more time for professional development and innovation


DevOps assessments

Mature IT and DevOps practices are the key to transforming your business to compete in the digital world. An assessment gives you crucial insight into leading modern IT strategies and practices—and where your organization’s practices stand relative to them. Most importantly, Metal Toad’s expert assessment inventories and evaluates your assets (technical, skills, services, patents, and beyond) to pinpoint exactly where you need to invest to reach your business goals. Our proprietary DevOps maturity index shows where your organization is strong, reveals opportunities for improvement, and goes hand-in-hand with a roadmap for a successful DevOps transformation.


DevOps consulting

DevOps is an effective way to optimize your practices to deliver business value consistently to the market, built on technology that is scalable, secure, and performant. Partnering with Metal Toad can help you mature your DevOps practices and tackle problems such as analyzing whether to buy, build, or partner for particular solutions and managing proactive communications with relevant stakeholders from strategy through execution. DevOps consulting helps ensure that your enterprise is poised to continuously evolve and capitalize on the ever-shifting landscape of technological advances. 

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