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Transitioning to the cloud offers a plethora of benefits for your business—but it also presents challenges to existing tools, process, and people. Determining whether you’re ready for the move—and discovering exactly how you need to prepare—reduces risk and sets you up for a successful cloud transformation. Metal Toad’s expertise helps you identify the best path forward, looking holistically at your applications, infrastructure, data sets, tools, and skills. Our cloud readiness assessments and strategic consulting give you a clear roadmap to success. 

Our approach

Enterprise-wide POV. Partnership with Metal Toad entails a strategic look at your entire business and how your cloud strategy fits into your needs and goals. By keeping your entire digital landscape in mind, we deliver a strategy for long-term success with your cloud project. 

Tailored solutions. No matter the business challenge, Metal Toad’s team of senior engineers strategize a custom cloud infrastructure from the ground up—while making services faster, cheaper, and better at the same time. 

Built-in scalability. With Metal Toad, growth isn’t a surprise—it’s part of the strategic plan. Our solutions account for both anticipated growth and the ability to scale up and down quickly as needed. Our services grow with you, not against you, and are engineered to fit both your budget and our business needs. 

Engineered for security. We approach cloud strategy with security top of mind from the get-go. We plan for your data to be encrypted end to end, rooted in a system that minimizes risks and keeps your infrastructure safe.

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