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Cloud Architecture with Metal Toad

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As technology evolves, leading-edge organizations rely on custom cloud architecture to help manage environments more easily and cost-effectively. These enterprises drive business performance with superior cloud architecture. As environments become more complex and quickly evolve, they require a partner to predict performance and storage needs well into the future.

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At Metal Toad, you and your team’s specific business goals are at the foundation of your custom cloud architecture. By providing leading-edge managed cloud solutions, Metal Toad empowers enterprises around the world with solutions for outsourcing IT infrastructure and offloading routine maintenance and management tasks.

To do this effectively, Metal Toad leverages today’s best practices while looking into the future goals of your unique business. All custom cloud architecture projects allow you and your team access to:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),
  • intra- and extra- datacenter redundancy,
  • custom storage platforms,
  • disaster recovery services,
  • autoscaling,
  • load testing packages,
  • uptime guarantees,
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support,
  • and the ability to put your hands on the controls at any given moment.

Investing in Custom Cloud Architecture

Relying on cloud architecture customized and built to your specific needs enables your internal teams to focus on adding value within your organization. Expert cloud architecture allows organizations to scale more easily, reduce capital costs, and achieve the agility required to stay competitive.

Metal Toad provides end-to-end administration, provisioning, management, integration, and delivery of both your application and server layers. Custom cloud solutions are delivered with unlimited scalability and unmatched security for multi-tenant, divisional, or dedicated deployment with a keen focus on keeping your data, content, workflows, and assets secure.

Once your custom cloud architecture is build, Metal Toad’s team of cloud engineers monitor it 24 x 7  x 365, providing experienced support for even the most complex cloud environments. Metal Toad empowers you to optimize your cloud infrastructure to meet your business needs today while adapting rapidly to satisfy tomorrow’s business requirements.

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