Celebrity Recognition using AWS Machine Learning

Why use AWS machine learning for celebrity recognition?

Anyone who has processed images and video for live events knows that it takes time and very niche experience to recognize celebrities. The process can be time consuming, and any need to refer to Google searches for last names or spelling means that this data is very difficult to make available in realtime. That said, celebrity content is valuable (people often search for it online) and it is difficult to come by,

No matter your image or video platform you are using (Brightcove, MUX, etc) AWS machine learning celebrity recognition can save time and money, and by automatically adding in that information in realtime. Amazon can currently identify hundreds of thousands of popular people in fields like:

  • sports
  • media
  • politics
  • business


Celebrity recognition using Rekgonition
Celebrity recognition using Rekgonition

Architectural Diagram

AWS Machine Learning Content Moderation Architectural Diagram

How much does AWS celebrity detection cost?

The primary ongoing cost factors for celebrity recognition come from the Amazon Rekognition service

  • Video processing for celebrity recognition costs ten cents ($0.10) per minute of video.
  • Image processing for content moderation costs 1/10th of one cent ($0.001) per image (up to 1 million images).
  • The recurring costs for data storage, search, and other services amount to about $3.00 per day. 

Professional setup can range between ~$5,000 to $10,000, or self-setup can be estimated at around 5 weeks for the first time through.

How long does it take to setup?

Kicking off the Cloud formation template in an existing AWS account only take about 20 minutes, but full integration into a video processing workflow can take 1-2 or 5 weeks, depending on the experience level working with Rekognition and the video service and/or the database where the celebrity data is stored.

Digital Resources

*These digital resources include additional services such as transcription and translation, though these features can be disabled.

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