AWS Migration & Transfer services

Whether you are just getting started with your move to the cloud? Thinking about how you and your team will seamlessly move data from its current location to your new cloud while minimizing disruption, cost, effort, and time?

Metal Toad builds long-term partnerships by migrating vast amounts of data, content, workflows, and digital assets into a variety of custom, expertly planned cloud solutions. Whether your cloud migration requires rudimentary migration tools or high degrees of automation, Metal Toad’s broad expertise translates into a suite of services that hold the key to a successful cloud migration.

What is a cloud migration

Metal Toad Cloud Manager, Nathan Wilkerson, talks through hat a cloud migration is.

Cloud Migration by the numbers


Average infrastructure cost savings*


fewer downtime hours**


IT staff productivity boost*

*IDC #US43535718, Fostering Business and Organizational Transformation to Generate Business Value with Amazon Web Services; February 2018
**Based on downtime hours from 1/1/18 to 12/31/18 pulled directly from the public service health dashboards of the major cloud providers.

AWS Migration Q&A

How long do migrations take?
Depending on the size and complexity of your existing dataset a migration effort can be less than a week or several months long.
How much AWS Migration cost?
Depending on the size and complexity costs can range from a few thousand dollars to over six figures. As a general rule of thumb the savings unlocked by moving to the cloud see a 100% return on investment in as little as 6 to 12 months. In either case we can provide you a free estimate prior to the commencement of any work, with absolutely no obligation.
How long do I have to sign up for?
While we do provide AWS Managed Services as well, using our Migration services doesn't need you need to sign up with us long term. There are no service contracts required, but it is optional.
How good is your security?
In addition to rigorous technical standards, all of our employees are subject to background checks and bound by non-disclosure agreements. In over 15 years we have never been a party to a breach of customer data. Our history notwhistanding, we also carry insurance that meets the legal and IT standards of some of the largest, most high profile companies on the planet.
Who owns our AWS account?
You do, unless you'd like us to manage everything. We can operate either on your AWS account, or manage it completely. Anytime you'd like to transfer it we're happy to make the switch.
Why AWS?
We have worked with all the major cloud providers and found that in most cases AWS makes the most sense. Feel free to reach out or read more if you are still considering how to pick the right cloud provider.
I'm already setup in AWS - can you help me optimize?
Yes. No matter where you are in your cloud journey there are often things that can be optimized. Best practices in AWS are evolving and improving as more features and services are launched around the globe.
Can you handle scalable architecture?
Yes. Our certified cloud engineers have architected environments to handle some of the toughest traffic patterns out there (the Emmys, Golden Globes, etc.). We can help you with your environment too!

AWS + Metal Toad: Better Together

AWS is powerful, but architecture and migration attempted without an experienced AWS Consulting Partner can be extremely costly:

Offering AWS logo AWS logo
170+ cloud products & services
Cloud architecture
Migration support
Disaster recovery planning on & support
3rd party 24/7 monitoring
24/7/365 technical support
OS & Application support

The Full Suite of AWS Migration Products

Beyond our top picks we have included references to the entire list of 9 products below:

  1. AWS Migration
  2. AWS Application Discovery Service
  3. AWS Database Migration Service
  4. AWS Database
  5. AWS Server Migration Service
  6. AWS Transfer for SFTP
  7. CloudEndure
  8. AWS Snow family

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Why choose us as your AWS Cloud Consulting Partner?

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Cloud Experts, AWS Specialists

We build the most valuable, safest solutions for our customers and have a significant amount of experience across all the major public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google). Because of this when architecting from the ground up we build using AWS managed services due to their rapid innovation, and track record of high performance.

proven track record in the cloud

Proven Track Record of Success

Metal Toad is the trusted entertainment-industry partner for reliable cloud solutions. With staff in multiple US cities like Los Angeles, New York, Portland and more as well as an extensive Brazil-based work force we deliver a premium hybrid experience.

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True Partnership = Lower Risk

Your business interests are our top priority. We’ll always recommend the best solution for you, even if we lose an opportunity in the short term. We proudly believe that our commitment to long-term partnership over quick profits makes us the lowest risk option in the industry.

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