Unlock Peak Performance and Fortify Security

Optimize your cloud infrastructure with a Metal Toad 6-Point Inspection. 


Every firm’s IT organization understands that they are sitting on years (or even decades) of technical debt that are increasing short term infrastructure costs and long term security vulnerabilities.

But they are often so busy in the day to day of keeping the lights running that they are unable to take an in depth look under the hood and often don’t even know where to start. 

Locked Cloud

The METAL TOAD Solution 

The Metal Toad 6-Point Inspection is an assessment framework that evaluates your cloud application environment based on six pillars:

  • Operational Excellence;

  • Security, Reliability;

  • Performance Efficiency;

  • Sustainability;

  • Cost Optimization. 

It identifies potential vulnerabilities and bottlenecks, offering actionable insights and best practices to optimize security and performance.

Addressing security challenges ensures robust protection against threats, data breaches, and compliance risks. 

Simultaneously, it enhances performance by recommending strategies to streamline operations, improve resource utilization, and fortify the overall resilience of your AWS architecture.

Embrace the Well-Architected Review to fortify your cloud infrastructure for peak efficiency and security.

Optimized Performance

Identifies opportunities for improving the performance of applications and workloads, ensuring optimal user experience.

Cost Efficiency

Helps in optimizing costs by identifying unused or underutilized resources, implementing cost-effective solutions, and making informed decisions about resource provisioning.

Security Assurance

Assesses and improves the security posture of the architecture, helping businesses identify and address potential vulnerabilities and risks.

Risk Mitigation

Helps in identifying and mitigating risks associated with data loss, downtime, and security breaches, contributing to overall risk management.

  • The engagement begins with a 30 minute Customer Kickoff Call to align on account access and workload evaluation. 

  • Then, Metal Toad will utilize the AWS Well Architected Tool to evaluate your workloads against the AWS framework's best practices.

  • A Metal Toad AWS Certified Solutions Architect will review the findings of the report and manually evaluate the customer environment for additional insights.  

  •  A customer action plan will be delivered following the engagement that includes the AWS Report as well as an executive overview of your workloads with recommendations on remediation.

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IT oversights in AWS can cause security and cost issues. We offer a no-cost, 6-point AWS inspection designed to help small and medium-sized businesses.


The customer organically grew their AWS environment build without experience in AWS best practices or with a mind toward properly implementing AWS Well Architected formats. The customer came to Metal Toad for recommendations on how to understand what they should or should not be focused on.


Metal Toad Performed our 6 Point Inspection of the client’s AWS environment across two AWS accounts, its provisioning and management of permissions, resources, and application build/deployment pipelines with an eye towards identifying and prioritizing desirable changes.


Metal Toad provided insights that identified the state of the client’s AWS environment, highlighting the most pressing risks and issues, and a point-by-point set of suggestions at the account, IAM, Application Architecture, Resource Lifecycle, and build/deployment pipeline level. The executive overview then allowed the client to match risks and issues with their business needs and available resources for remediation and/or redesign.


The sales team at ABC was feeling a lot like substitute teachers, bogged down with cumbersome old tech and processes at crucial moments.


A clear solution emerged: a single app that the sales team could use with any mobile device or computer


The new system revamped the entire sales process, making it faster, easier, and more efficient. 


Whenever a big sweepstake was launched, avid fans would descend on the website and often overtax its servers. 


Moving the site’s servers to the cloud provided the elasticity Wheel of Fortune needed. 


When the team launches new sweepstakes, preventative scaling is used to double, triple, or even quadruple their capacity to match expected traffic.


DC Entertainment site is routinely crawled by third parties looking for security vulnerabilities or new leaks ahead of announcements.


ML Log evaluation. We started by setting up a data pipeline that replicated the manual process Metal Toad had been doing for years


Quickly identified new threats. The ML Log Monitoring solution quickly found two groups of IPs for evaluation. 


Fox needed a transformation to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and optimize coordination. 


The new platform will replace legacy systems with a solution that unifies viewer experience and aligns operations across the enterprise. 


Fox now has in hand the detailed plan they need to make Fox Mississippi a reality.


When approaching Metal Toad for a potential partnership, they made it clear that their current website was falling short.

Metal Toad improved usability, access to interactive modules, and site-wide responsiveness while optimizing Orchestra content for online search.
Visitor experience enjoyed vastly improved overall site usability, including ordering tickets, access to events calendar, quick-and-easy donations, and social sharing.

Search results were stale, poorly ranked, and simply not delivering the content that users demanded. 

Metal Toad proposed a custom search solution that was scalable, reliable, and free from licensing costs or vendor lock-in.
A 40% increase in relevant hit rates, drastically reduced search page load times, and overall improved visitor satisfaction were reported within the first week of launch.

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