Uptime & Quality Monitoring

Uptime & Quality Monitoring with Metal Toad

Your web application is the face of your business. When your web applications experience downtime, it damages brand goodwill and negatively impacts leads, sales, and search engine ranking.

Metal Toad understands that you and your team need a partner that guarantees your application’s performance. With uptime and quality monitoring, any existing issues on both your application layer and your server layer are addressed preemptively before outages occur. Metal Toad works hard to create enterprise-class web, mobile, and cloud products that are bug-free with optimal uptime.

Do you and your team need a long-term partner to monitor your application and server layers? Schedule your free consultation today.

Metal Toad offers you and your team:

  • application layer monitoring and bug fixes,
  • server layer monitoring and architectural tweaks,
  • global multi-site site monitoring,
  • autoscaling and benchmarking,
  • and detailed reporting of site traffic and uptime

Uptime quality monitoring

Stay Up & Running with Metal Toad’s Monitoring Services

With Metal Toad’s uptime monitoring, you and your team are covered around the globe. Metal Toad architects a notification protocol allowing all stakeholders to know the instant there is an issue with your site. No matter the location and size of your audience, you and your team can rest assured that they are able to access your site with fast and consistent performance throughout the world.

You and your team receive detailed reporting and special attention when and where you need it. Global uptime scores, page traffic, number of page requests, server response times, rendering times, speed indexing, and load times are closely monitored and cataloged to ensure performance and find opportunities for improvement. In addition, Metal Toad provides you and your team detailed reporting of application layer management and quality assurance monitoring.

Do you and your team need a long-term partner to ensure the uptime and quality of your web application? Schedule your free consultation today.

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