Ongoing Agile Iterative Development

Ongoing Agile Iterative Development Diagram

Iterative Application Development with Metal Toad

Your web applications are vital to your business goals and, as technologies and audiences evolve, so will your vision for your products and services.

Metal Toad's iterative development process ensures that the step-by-step attention and rigorous quality assurance testing goes into the post-launch phases of product development. The end result is seamless ongoing development in order to future phases are only limited by the imagination not unforeseen tech issues.

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Metal Toad’s ongoing iterative development process is informed by decades of product development and application support, including:

  • upfront consulting,
  • thorough discovery process,
  • step-by-step quality assurance checks,
  • continuous integration (CI),
  • transparent development,
  • open communication,
  • and on-time and on-budget delivery of each iterative phase.


The Agile Iterative Development Process

Metal Toad's project management prowess is at the center of successful ongoing development partnerships. Each phase of your project is carefully laid out for Agile development with adaptive planning.

By implementing Agile iterative development instead of the antiquated waterfall process, working software is delivered on a regular basis. The end product stays relevant and up-to-date with your ever-changing business landscape and competition.

Traditional waterfall methods create issues with products being out of date upon their release. By working iteratively, Metal Toad empowers you and your team to be flexible in making changes and updates and the Metal Toad team uses a project cycle to evaluate each iteration and determine what changes are needed to create a relevant end product delivered on-time and on-budget.

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