Enterprise Web, Mobile, & Cloud Solutions

Metal Toad End-to-End Software Development Service Offering

Technology Consulting

Partnership with Metal Toad starts with you, your business goals, and your desired outcomes. From initial discovery to final deployment, the consulting process is designed to be as detailed and thorough as possible while never losing sight of the end goal.

Understand the true value of your code and identify opportunities to drive growth and increase throughput with continued software investment.
Secure your company’s most valuable assets with Metal Toad. Trust the experts at Metal Toad to execute comprehensive security audits while making your experience as painless as possible.
Transform your project management experience. Metal Toad’s proven PMP-certified team of project managers practice Agile every day and lend you their battle-tested wisdom and counsel.
Scale your internal system architecture to be an asset to your organization’s long-term strategy, and avoid the pitfalls of inadequate or short-sighted system architecture.
Inherit legacy code without worry or uncertainty. Metal Toad is your outside eye into this code and an essential partner in maintaining an issue free, compliance-friendly codebase.
Optimize Agile Methodology for your organization. Using Metal Toad’s breadth of successful Agile use cases, your business can build a foundation for long-term efficiencies in throughput and productivity.

Product Development

Upfront discovery links directly into Metal Toad’s development phase. Technological solutions are custom tailored to suit key stakeholder needs and our self-organizing development teams ensure that product vision, project management, delivery velocity, and quality assurance are at optimal levels.

Tie your business technologies together. Metal Toad seamlessly integrates your organizational systems to reduce manual effort and enable cross-company communication and workflows.
Build mobile apps that drive engagement. Starting with you and your unique business goals, Metal Toad constructs native apps that help you and your team create dynamic mobile experiences.
Leverage the power of machine learning to intelligently drive your business. Metal Toad’s Data Scientists construct algorithms that iteratively inform your business strategy.
Step into the future with IoT and wearables. Metal Toad drives your technological future with consulting, development, and support services built on the leading edge.
Manage your fleet and resources with solutions built specifically to your needs. Metal Toad telematics services deliver working software that supports your business goals.
Drive performance and productivity with UI/UX customized for your business goals. Metal Toad’s enterprise-class UI/UX services create custom web and mobile experiences that drive engagement, adoption, and usability.
Streamline your team's performance with a custom CMS built to accomplish your strategic business goals. Metal Toad engineers functional CMS tools that increase workflow and optimize your team’s capacity and your visitor experience.
Visualize your key business data in easy-to-understand mobile and web dashboards. Metal Toad aggregates information from across your business to accelerate data-driven decision making.
Guide your organizational goals with data. Data science services with Metal Toad ensure that you and your team are deriving insights from your data instead of simply collecting it.
Migrate legacy data and assets with ease. Metal Toad creates seamless migrations to and from a wide variety of platforms while ensuring the highest levels of data security.
Put your data to use. Metal Toad empowers you and your team to drive actionable insights from big data while keeping it secure at every step.
Integrate your business systems with custom APIs built to your specific needs. Metal Toad has built flexible APIs across a wide variety of technologies and platforms.

Managed Cloud

Around-the-clock support and security serving you. From enabling custom cloud solutions to traffic testing, Metal Toad ensures that your site’s performance is never compromised.

Ensure your business’ viability by preparing and planning for unforeseen outages. Metal Toad disaster recovery services prepare you and your team for any possible scenario.
Take control of your organizational information from beginning to end. Metal Toad empowers you and your team to direct all aspects of your data with ILM consulting services.
Leverage the power of Metal Toad's server management expertise coupled with a flat $300 per server management fee.
Migrate your data, content, workflows, and assets to the cloud. Metal Toad constructs custom cloud architecture and ensures that your cloud migration is executed with minimal time and cost.
Architect your custom cloud to your team’s specific requirements. Metal Toad ensures that all your cloud architecture is in direct alignment with your business and technology goals.

Application Support

Technical expertise at Metal Toad provides continued growth to your codebase. From JavaScript to .NET to PHP to iOS, continued iteration with optimal user experiences will ensure your ongoing business goals are met.

Protect your websites and applications from outages and poor performance. Metal Toad ensures 99.95% uptime and quality monitoring on both your application and server layers.
Build upon your product without undertaking a full project phase. Metal Toad provides minor feature improvements and bug fixes with quick turnaround and open communication.