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Metal Toad Services

Technology Consulting

We help you determine the right software solution to achieve your desired business goals and outcomes. From initial discovery to final deployment, we never lose sight of the end goal of providing value and achieving your desired outcomes.

Optimize Agile Methodology for your organization. Using Metal Toad’s breadth of successful Agile use cases, your business can build a foundation for long-term efficiencies in throughput and productivity.

Product Development

Based on findings from the discovery process, our self-organizing teams develop technological solutions that are perfectly tailored to your key stakeholder needs. We always ensure that product vision, project management, delivery velocity, and quality assurance are at optimal levels.

Leverage the power of machine learning to intelligently drive your business. Metal Toad’s Data Scientists construct algorithms that iteratively inform your business strategy.
There’s more to IoT than consumer devices. Discover a world of business intelligence that can drive your systems into the future.
Put your data to use. Metal Toad empowers you and your team to drive actionable insights from big data while keeping it secure at every step.


We provide around-the-clock support to ensure that your software’s performance and security are never compromised, from enabling custom cloud solutions to traffic testing.

Leverage the power of Metal Toad's server management expertise coupled with a flat $300 per server management fee.
Migrate your data, content, workflows, and assets to the cloud. Metal Toad constructs custom cloud architecture and ensures that your cloud migration is executed with minimal time and cost.
Architect your custom cloud to your team’s specific requirements. Metal Toad ensures that all your cloud architecture is in direct alignment with your business and technology goals.

Application Support

From JavaScript to .NET to PHP to iOS, we continually iterate to ensure your ongoing business goals are met and your codebase grows, and always provide optimal user experiences.

Protect your websites and applications from outages and poor performance. Metal Toad ensures 99.95% uptime and quality monitoring on both your application and server layers.
Build upon your product without undertaking a full project phase. Metal Toad provides minor feature improvements and bug fixes with quick turnaround and open communication.

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