Metal Toad Services

Getting to the cloud

Get an expert assessment that pinpoints exactly what you need to optimize your transition from on-premises servers to the cloud.
Expert custom architecture helps you easily scale and grow, reduce capital costs, and achieve peak performance.
Transform your legacy infrastructure to realize the benefits of the cloud—with minimal disruption of time, cost, and effort.


Build a powerful, multi-channel ecosystem that drives engagement on all your mobile devices.
There’s more to IoT than consumer devices. Discover a world of business intelligence that can drive your systems into the future.
Leverage the power of machine learning to intelligently drive your business. Metal Toad’s Data Scientists construct algorithms that iteratively inform your business strategy.

Management & Governance

Secure your company’s most valuable assets in the cloud. Execute comprehensive security audits while making your experience as painless as possible.
Meld software development, IT operations, and best practices for high performing teams, rapid release, and continuous delivery.
Put your data to use. Metal Toad empowers you and your team to drive actionable insights from big data while keeping it secure at every step.

Ready for transformation?