Morgan Senkal
Software Architect


Morgan came to Portland from the far East (New England) back in the very early 90's (before it was cool) after a failed attempt at becoming a rocket scientist (too much paperwork at NASA).  After a few years in the carpentry trade building movie sets and fancy houses, and a few more years working as a drafter helping to build silicon manufacturing plants and silicon crystal growing chambers, she finally discovered her true calling was software development.  An agile evangelist, she loves building software to solve business issues and automate processes.  In short, she loves building stuff.

As for hobbies, she is a musician, a writer and a martial artist (although rarely at the same time).  She occasionally plays bass with friends and tenor drum for a local marching band, as well as the random DJ gig.  She digs movies, the Portland tech community, historical fiction, most outdoor activities (except skydiving) and traveling to strange foreign lands (like Canada).  She has 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 amazing nephews.

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