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Co-facilitated by Morgan Senkal


A Woman-Focused Global Day of Coderetreat

Join us on Saturday, November 17! 

Metal Toad Software Architect Morgan Senkal is excited to be one of the facilitators for AgilePDX's first annual woman-focused Coderetreat,with support from PDX Women in Tech and Women Who Code Portland. Come learn new skills, make connections, and enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch. Get full details and reserve your spot

Coderetreat is a self-organizing international group of software developers who gather to help each other improve. Key practices we’ll be focusing on are problem-solving, pairing, and moving to TDD (Test Driven Development). You will be pairing with new pairing partners all day long to help build your network, make new friends, and learn what it’s like to pair with people who use different coding strategies than you do.

Ready to get started?