Metal Toad Mentorship Saturday
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Led by Brad Kouchi


Mentorship Saturday

A place for people of all skill levels and development disciplines to get help and advice on their careers and projects. 

Here's generally how it works: We meet up at Metal Toad. Coffee and bagels fuel the scrum-style meeting. We say who we are and what we're working on or blocked on. Mentors and other attendees will use this opportunity to identify people that are working on similar tech stacks and problems to pair up with later. Then we form little break-out groups in the various spaces around the office. We are a mix of people that are self-taught, just entering a code school, just completing a code school, or making career changes. This meetup provides a safe opportunity to ask for feedback, get some guidance, and a peek at what the technical industry has to offer.

If you would like to present on a topic, please let us know in advance! We greatly encourage return visits from job seekers that have since acquired new jobs!

We greatly appreciate volunteer mentors that are willing to assist with answering questions and help others get unstuck!

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