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AWS Media & Entertainment

The cloud is bringing vast complexities and change to the media & entertainment industry. Metal Toad has spent over 15 years helping entertainment companies navigate this complex transition to reduce risk, lower cost, and increase value.

AWS Cloud Solutions for Media & Entertainment Enterprises

Reduce Risk. Lower Costs. Increase Value.

Metal Toad’s 15 years of experience within the media & entertainment industry gives us a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing your organization. We leverage our proven industry expertise to align your needs with the right AWS tools.

AWS Migration Services

Transitioning to the cloud is the key to success for entertainment properties; we help make that transition successful and scalable. Automated elasticity means handling the traffic spikes driven by broadcast times, release dates, and content success. And when traffic dies down, your costs scale down with them.

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AWS Media Services

If you’re relying on SaaS vendors for your OTT, VOD, SVOD solutions, you’re paying a premium for old code that’s unlikely to deliver peak performance - and you may also be missing out on AWS enterprise discounts when you go through these middlemen.

AWS Machine Learning

There’s a vast sea of data ready for you to capture—but it doesn’t mean a thing until you can harness it to generate meaningful insights that drive revenue. We build systems that capture and transform data into meaningful business insights and predictive analytics to support data-driven decision making.

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AWS Media & Entertainment Case Studies

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