How we work

Strategic partnership for business transformation

Working with Metal Toad gets you more than a tech innovation vendor—you’ll find a trusted advisor and partner in strategic business transformation. We help you crack tough business problems, embolden big ideas, and conceptualize plans that translate into profitable realities.

Discovery process

Curiosity that clarifies your vision 

It’s not just the what—it’s the why. We dig up breakthrough insights with a curiosity-focused methodology—not just about the project, but about your entire enterprise. You come away with a report of key findings that give you a new level of clarity on your vision for your operations and your industry. Read more about our discovery process.


User-centric design

Tech that puts humans first

From user interfaces that inspire affinity to back-end systems that support a strong user journey, we take a human-centered approach to design. You get solutions that increase performance, speed up time-to-value, and drive engagement. Get details on our UI/UX approach.


Technology agnostic 

The right tools for your needs 

Coding the future means being open to every innovation—with no fealty to any particular product, brand, or system. That’s why our expertise encompasses the entire technological landscape, and we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of leading-edge tech to solve your business needs.


Long-term partnership

Success through thick and thin

We’re all about the long haul—because one-and-done interactions leave too much potential untapped. Our 90% client reengagement rate is a testament to the value of sticking through the hard stuff, providing ongoing value, and having our clients’ backs. Hear from some of our satisfied clients.


Security protocols

Data security is in our DNA 

From the code itself to our workplace protocols, Metal Toad takes a holistic approach to security that ensures your data is safe, rooted in a system that minimizes risks and keeps your infrastructure secure.


QA approach

Lifecycle testing for world-class products

QA isn’t an end-process function at Metal Toad—it’s hardwired into our entire development cycle. This methodology means your systems are built and vetted with constant testing and validation, for a product that performs flawlessly.


Ready for transformation?