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Ruby is an elegant programming language, capable of some meta recursive programming that few other languages are capable of. Enjoy the posts!

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    Autocomplete Using ActiveAdmin and Rails 3

    I love how easy ActiveAdmin is to use out of the box, but it can force you into using a panoply of workarounds for forms with any significant level of complexity. The challenge I faced was making this:

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    Pond Life Ep.2

    Hello Everyone!

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    Ruby, Drupal and a tadpole's swimlane

    Entering the pond

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    Keeping track of page load times in Munin

    As part of the services we provide for some of our clients, we monitor web page load times. The Munin plugin we were using at the time was this outdated shell script. It worked fine up until we were monitoring lots of urls. If one of those urls took too long to load, it caused the entire plugin to timeout. This sort of timeout would lead to a slew of warning/critical emails from Munin. Oh, and it also only loaded just the html, none of the additional resources a normal browser would grab. To address this I rewrote most of this script in Ruby to handle checking many different virtual hosts/urls on a single server. This was a fun exercise in threading, daemons, and a nice refresher on Ruby development.

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    Fixing "no such file" error in Capistrano upload()

    Last week, this error brought many of our deployments to a screeching halt. "upload via sftp failed on Net::SFTP::StatusException (Net::SFTP::StatusException open ...releases/20130408223054/drupal/ sites/all/themes/boilerplate/css/compiled/default.css (2, "no such file"))".

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    Parse / extract server settings from your Capfile

    One interesting thing that has evolved from our use of Capistrano is the configuration files have become the de-facto documentation hub for a project's server connection details. (We do maintain inventory data elsewhere, but for the developer in the trenches, config/deploy/prod.rb is the first place to look). A question arose: How to parse the settings out of these files?

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    The Power of Yes (within Frameworks)

    Of all the powerful words in any language assertion is in my opinion the absolute most powerful. With affermative language we are able to create trust, enact people's will, and begin processes.

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    Fun with stakeout.rb

    Having only left Rubyville a couple weeks ago there are still a lot of Ruby-based utilities that I still find incredibly handy. One such utility that I've recently fallen hopelessly in love with is stakeout.rb from:…

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