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The right way to do mobile development is to use the same content and adjusted to the screen size.  This is called responsive web design.  Learn more about this technique here.  Enjoy!

  • Back to the future - of websites

    How to make a website

    22 years ago, I worked at a company called  The company failed in the year 2000, but back in 1999 we were selling websites. The sales pitch was that a website was a key part

  • 2014 Q4 Viewports

    Analytics-driven responsive web design planning

    Many of our readers have asked for an update to the mobile device diagram. Rather than diagramming what handset makers are selling, I thought it would be interesting to plot what our visitors are actually using. With that in mind, here is the updated version with data extracted from Google Analytics:

  • cool tech graphics

    Samsung Music Chooses Drupal (formerly Samsung Music Hub) launched earlier this year pushing the boundaries of HTML5 and responsive web design. It was designed to work (obviously) across a large number of Android devices, with the animations taking full advantage of the built in GPU acceleration available on many mobile devices. The design was done by our awesome partners at Oakland-based

  • cool tech graphics

    How (not) to think about Responsive Design.

    The most important question we should ask is, "to what are we responding?" It's not too far to jump from that question to the point I want to drill in: we're thinking about the wrong kinds of interactions.

  • cool tech graphics

    Drupal 7 Tutorial: Using Breakpoint Panels

    This tutorial is obsolete for the new version of Breakpoint Panels - New tutorial to come

  • Android & iOS

    A Simple Device Diagram for Responsive Design Planning

    Updated for 2015! Check out Analytics-driven responsive web design planning

  • cool tech graphics

    Improved Lazy Loading for iPhone & Android

    The latest version of the jQuery Lazy Load plugin (released Jan 29th, 2012) included the ability to customize your data attribute parameter.

  • cool tech graphics

    When it comes to Mobile Development, Stop Worrying about Bandwidth

    When it comes to mobile development, I've seen a lot of buzz recently on how CSS3 can help people eliminate images and cut the bandwidth requirement for their websites, however if a good mobile experience is important to you, you may want to think twice before deciding how to retrofit your websit

  • cool tech graphics

    Responsive Web Design and HTML5 are the Future

    With the latest launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, the world is now up to more than five major Android hardware providers. Among each of these, there is also a wide variety in the screen sizes, from the smart phones to mid and larger tablets. Outside of the Android market you have the 800 pound gorilla, Apple with their iPhone, iPod & iPad. And you have RIM with the Blackberry and Nokia (who still can't decide what they are going to use).

  • cool tech graphics

    How we made the Metal Toad site more mobile-friendly with media queries

    There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Responsive Web Design, and in particular about CSS3 Media Queries.

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