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Is there any language more fun than Python?  We don't think so and neither does xkcd.  Learn the ins and outs of programming in Python from Metal Toad's repository of Python articles.  You will thank us!

  • deep learning graphic - circuit board that looks like a brain

    ChatGPT - ML Augmented Development (2 of 3)

    In the previous blog we talked about how ML Augmented Development can be used to accelerate the developmen

  • AWS Lambda

    Lambda: javascript vs python

    For this hackathon we created a product, YouToad, using Amplify (S3, React, Lambda) and AWS Elemental MediaConvert

  • Angular and Django logos connected by cans on a string

    Angular API Calls with Django, Part 2: Building the Micro-Blog App

    This is the second part of a two-part series exploring the use of the Angular 6 HttpClient to make API calls against a Django back-end using Django Rest Framework.

  • Angular and Django logos connected by cans on a string

    Angular API Calls with Django: Authentication with JWT

    Curious about how to make API calls with Angular 6 and the HttpClient service? This tutorial will show you some techniques for building a decoupled micro-blogging application using Angular 6 and the Django Rest Framework (DRF). Along the way, we will learn the following

  • Screenshot of a map of Portland, Oregon with colored tracks representing the paths calculated by an AI

    Spatial analysis with PostgreSQL and OpenStreetMap

    I've always been a map geek, dating back to the 1980s when I would take a road atlas and some tracing paper and draw in my own road network. And one of my favorite games is to take an old map or globe and try to...

  • Iot Data Pipeline

    Building an Expandable IoT Data Pipeline - Part 1

    Background and problem description In late 2016 we were approached with an opportunity to build a data pipeline for one of our large clients.

  • Django logo

    Hosting Django sites with Apache

    Metal Toad is an AWS Managed Services provider.

  • Git coding project

    Secrets to Project Happiness Using Git

    I have worked with dozens of projects over my career, on platforms ranging from Drupal to Yii to Django to AngularJS to ASP.NET.

  • Plaque: Ada Countess of Lovelace, Pioneer of Computing lived here.

    History of Computer Girls, Part 1: Ada!

    I've been going around town giving a talk on the history of women in computers.  During my research, I came across so very many names of women who had made indelible marks on the history of computing that I'd never heard before.

  • Angular JS + Django

    URL Routing for a Decoupled App, with Angular 2 and Django

    Lately, I have worked on a few projects where a single-page Angular app is contained within a site built on a server-side framework like Django. One of the challenges is to get their URLs to play nicely together.

  • Django logo

    Instant reload with Django, NPM, and Browsersync

    Here at Metal Toad, we are starting to use NPM as a task runner to automate our development processes. This tutorial shows how to automate CSS compilation and instantly reload the browser when files change.

  • cool tech graphics

    Writing a simple Sublime Text plugin.

    For the most part I like to keep my code editors as light and vanilla as possible. Some of the basic features that I like to see in my editor include auto indentation, syntax highlighting and ability to search across the project. Anything that will help debugging my codebase is a plus.

  • cool tech graphics

    Celery Periodic Tasks: From Installation to Infinity

    This is a quick example of how I got Periodic Tasks to work using Celery without Django. There are lots of examples out there for creating tasks and loose documentation on how to start Celery and Celery Beat, but most of them involve Django.

  • cool tech graphics

    Plotting your load test with JMeter

    Learn how to use the JMeter load testing tool. It comes with a built-in graph listener, which allows you to watch JMeter do, well... something. While this gives a basic view of response time and throughput, it doesn't show failures, nor how the server responds as load increases. And let's face it, it's just plain ugly. Enter Matplotlib, a beautiful (though complex) plotting tool written in Python.

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