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Metal Toad loves configuration management, and our favorite system (by far) is Puppet.  We love Puppet so much that we are a Gold Partner and we built their website back several years back (true story).  Learn more about the ins-and-outs of configuration management with us.  Enjoy!

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    Managing IIS Configuration With Puppet Powershell DSC

    Many of us in DevOps/Cloud/Site Reliability/System Engineering have long been using Puppet to manage our Apache and Nginx configurations.

  • Puppet website

    Puppet Labs Chooses Drupal

    Puppet Labs launched with an amazing new responsive website, powered by Drupal. The site is a power-user's dream and allows for drag-and-drop GUI configuration of the mobile, tablet and desktop versions - all within the browser.

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    TinyDNS as a Puppet Module

    As a data center operator we are in need of DNS handling for our internal servers and appliances. Handling IP’s for everything is not really an option and also changes to servers are much easier to handle if we can use assigned domain names instead of IP addresses. When we started looking at open source DNS servers for the Linux operating system there are really 2 bigger contestants out there in the market: Bind and TinyDNS. This said Bind pretty much owns the market. That comes with advantages and disadvantages. One big advantage of Bind over TinyDNS is the amount of documentation and support on the community. It’s been around for so long you find pretty much any answer to any question you’ll ever have. The big downsides of Bind are its size and the fact that it is used all around. So obviously security vulnerabilities are mostly exploited on commonly used systems since you get more bang for your buck.

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