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Now a relic of the past, the Metal Toad Podcast (the Toadcast) was a long running series of interviews and reflections on culture and technology.

  • Toadcast 033

    Toadcast 033

    For Toadcast 33, I talk with Metal Toad's Director of People about diversity in Tech, Portland, and Metal Toad Check out the Podcast on iTunes !

  • Ordnance Brewing

    Toadcast 032

    For Toadcast 32, we have our good fiends from Ordnance Brewing! Listen as we discuss brewing, judge a Toad's own home brew, tech and music!

  • Kelly Cunningham

    Toadcast 031

    Sometimes a project launches late....

  • Jenny Ben Steve

    Toadcast 030

    Metal Toad is proud to announce two of our Junior Developers have graduated to the big leagues! Jenny Olsen and Ben Teegarden join me for too many drinks and a discussion about their journey through the junior program.

  • ToadCast 029

    ToadCast 029

    For ToadCast 29 I interview Dave Prior, Project Manager extraordinaire!

  • Chris Bloom

    ToadCast 028

    For ToadCast 28 we have special guest Chris Bloom! Chris teaches our Director of Development Dan Linn, about new Front-End technologies.

  • catching up after the conference

    ToadCast 027 - DPM Summit Day 1 Live Recap

    Toad project managers in Austin! For Toadcast 27, we're coming to you directly from our hotel room during the interlude between day one and two of the 2014 Digital PM Summit.

  • New relicans

    ToadCast 026

    Meet the people behind the tool. For Toadcast 26 we are joined by members of the New Relic team to talk about Insights, domestic chore inventions, and the heirarchy of desserts/bands.

  • Toadcast 25

    Toadcast 25 - The Philadelphia Orchestra

    For the 25th episode of the ToadCast, it's our first time having a client on the show! Som Prasad from the Philadelphia Orchestra! Tom and Matt, join me to talk to Som about the work they are doing for the Orchestra's website, Amish donuts, and geography.

  • Toad

    ToadCast 024 - Developer Interview Jason & Jeebak

    I must begin with a sincere apology to both Jeebak and Jason. I sat on this toadcast for some time and two others got out before it. For Toadcast 24 (referred to in the audio as Toadcast 22) I interviewed Jason and Jeebak about the work they are doing at Metal Toad, their goals as developers, and even re-use some of the fun questions from Toadcast 21.

  • Drupalcon

    ToadCast 023 - Drupal Con Austin 2014

    Photo Credit: Tyler Ward In Toadcast 23 we talk with Tom Martin and Dan about Drupalcon 2014, Texas Food, Heat, Sessions from Four Kitchens, Adam Edgerton, Roaches, Austin City Life, Pet Talk, Presentations by Dan, Drupalcon 2015, The Definition of Decimate, Future of Drupal, & Expansion of Drupal Crowd.

  • cool tech graphics

    ToadCast 022 - Open Source and Cover Oregon

    Toadcast 22 hosted an All-Star cast including: Dave Bellous, co-owner of Yellow Pencil, Jacob Redding, Open Source Manager at Accenture's Emerging Technology Innovation Labs, Jeff Walpole, CEO of Phase2, and Joaquin Lippincott, President of Metal Toad Media to discuss Open Source, Oracle, and and the healthcare web-tech industry (Cover Oregon).

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    ToadCast 021 - The Drinking Game!

    For Toadcast 21 we interview the man, the legend, Jonathan Jordan. For our 21st we did what any good podcast would do, we celebrated with a drinking game. Hear all the great questions and answers by listening!

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    ToadCast 020 - Joaquin and Robinson

    For Toadcast 20 our President Joaquin interviews our newest PM Robinson where they talk about tech, being the new guy, metal bands, and bird poop.

  • cool tech graphics

    ToadCast 019 - An Interview With The Pug Master Himself, Tom Martin

    In ToadCast 019, Metal Toad PM Matt Payton helps me interview Tom Martin who was recently promoted to Senior Development Strategist at Metal Toad. We discuss his background in animation and e-commerce that ultimately lead him to his current title. Tom also gives advice for other programmers and tells us what's good in the world.

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    ToadCast 018! PM Summit

    The ToadCast has been revived! I talked with Adam Edgerton to discuss the Digital PM Summit.

  • cool tech graphics

    DrupalCon Pre-Show and announcements

    Here we go! Portland's Drupalcon is here. Here is a quick update about some of the exciting things that Metal Toad is bringing to the event. Stop by our booth (#207) and come party with us Tuesday and Wednesday. Come watch us record the podcast live and even step up to the mic if you dare. T-shirts, wine, stickers, foosball, Drupal!?!?! Whoa.

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    ToadCast 016 - Home Brew edition

    ToadCast 16! A very special episode all about home brewing. Joining me on this episode are three Metal Toad employees with a lot of brewing experience - Dylan Tack, Peter Bliss, and Tyler Ward. Learn some of the basics of brewing beer, common misconceptions, equipment, books, and a little bit about wine making.

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    ToadCast 015 - ECommerce

    Joining me for Toadcast 15 is Tom Martin to discuss ecommerce. That's right, a show all about a single topic!

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    ToadCast 014 - Everyone's got a phone and a toilet

    Joining me for our 14th ToadCast is Chris Trahey where we talk about doing what is right for your clients and the benefits of developers as technical sales. We also discuss notification overload, the anxiety surrounding a desire to know everything, and managing your todo list.

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    ToadCast 013 - Apps, Contests, Calling people out, and My Bloody Valentine

    Baker's dozen! Shortest episode ever. For ToadCast 013 I was joined by Tyler Ward.

  • cool tech graphics

    ToadCast 012 - Git, Drupal, WYSIWYG, and Metal Toad University

    A dozen podcasts! For ToadCast 012 I was joined by Dan Linn and Dylan Tack.

  • cool tech graphics

    ToadCast 011 - Drupal, BADCamp, and dev tools

    This time on ToadCast 011 I was joined by Dan Linn to discuss Drupal, BADCamp, dev tools, and more!

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    ToadCast 010 - I Hope You Like Opinions

    Here we go again! ToadCast 010, I was joined by Aaron Amstutz and Tony Rasmussen to discuss Apple, Google, and Microsoft hardware & dissonance with javascript compilers, and more!

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    ToadCast 009 - That app is free

    Let's keep this ball rolling! ToadCast 009, I was joined by Robert Haydon to discuss Apple Maps, entitlement, retro video games, and more!

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    ToadCast 008 - Just use a password manager

    We are back! ToadCast 008, I was joined by Jonathan Jordan to discuss password security, programmer mentality and philosophy, and more!

  • Robbie and Joaquin

    ToadCast 007 - Like a Boss

    Here it is! ToadCast #7, I was joined by the owner of Metal Toad Media, Joaquin Lippincott to discuss standards, browsers, Mars rover Curiosity, Portland Drupal Consortium, and more!

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    ToadCast 006 - Google Fiber, OOCSS, and some nostalgia

    ToadCast #6, I was joined by Dan Linn to discuss Google Fiber, MTV (unexpectedly), personal audio devices, cool javascript projects, and CSS.

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    ToadCast 005 - We'll Do It Live

    ToadCast #5, our first live podcast and I was joined by Adam Edgerton and Mike Bijon.

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    ToadCast 004 - Everyone Wins

    For our fourth ToadCast I am joined again by Aaron Amstutz and Slavko Pesic. We talk about the recent Google IO Announcements, tools for building HTML5 apps, and we answer a listener submitted question about learning more in this field.

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    ToadCast 003 - Retina, Web Audio, and Surface

    Joining me on our third podcast is Aaron Amstutz. We talk about Retina displays and how to deal with images, Microsoft's new tablet called Surface, the Web Audio API and how cool it is and a lot more.

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    ToadCast 002

    Browsers, Boilerplate, SASS battle innuendo, and destruction! Joining me on our second podcast is Dan Linn where we talk about browsers, user experience, the HTML5 boilerplate theme for drupal, moving the web forward, and being cool developers.

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    ToadCast 001 - Hello World!

    First Episode Here we go! The first ever Metal Toad Media podcast: Toadcast! This is a weekly podcast dealing with the web, technology, and anything we're into at the moment. We are really excited about this first effort and can't wait to see how this grows over time.

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