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Node.js is one of the many flavors of JavaScript Metal Toad has worked with and documented over the years.  Not to be starting a holy war or anything, but our current favorite is React JS.  Enjoy!

  • Angular JS

    Angular 5: Making API calls with the HttpClient service

    Angular 4.3 introduced a new HttpClient service, which is a replacement for the Http service from Angular 2. It works mostly the same as the old service, handling both single and concurrent data loading with RxJs Observables, and writing data to an API.

  • Django logo

    Instant reload with Django, NPM, and Browsersync

    Here at Metal Toad, we are starting to use NPM as a task runner to automate our development processes. This tutorial shows how to automate CSS compilation and instantly reload the browser when files change.

  • cool tech graphics

    Running a Persistant Node.js Server on an Arduino Yún

    We recently had occasion to set up a Node.js web server on an Arduino Yún. It's a bit more complicated than we thought when we set out, so it seemed useful to share the process.

  • cool tech graphics!

    Who can resist zombies? They’re everywhere! But on the internet, they are facing an uphill battle against the kittehs. They were dealt a heavy blow with the release of which allowed developers of all sorts to add kittens to their site with a simple URL. But now the zombies are ready to strike back. U CAN HAZ ZOMBIES!

  • cool tech graphics

    Using Node and CouchDB to get things done

    As I mentioned earlier, I love JavaScript. Today, I'd like to talk about how to use it to get (fun) things done. We are going to make a node data-mining script, and store its work in couch.

  • cool tech graphics

    Getting Serious Using Javascript with node.js and couchdb

    I love CouchDB and node.js.

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