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How do you know if your code is working properly even when you aren't there?  The answer is setting up the right monitoring and reporting.  There are lots of ways to do this, some of them just plain wrong.  Read how to get it right and what the best tools for the job are.

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    I just attended Monitorama in Portland, and I wanted to talk about my experience!

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    Using Monitoring to meet Managed Services SLAs

    So if you didn’t know, Metal Toad has been growing an AWS Managed Services hosting business.

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    New Relic Real user monitoring hooks for Drupal

    If you are using New Relic for performance monitoring a Drupal project, you may have noticed a large discrepency between the browser throughput and app server throughput. In the example that follows, the difference is 100:1. The cause is a limitation in the auto-instrument feature:

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    Keeping track of page load times in Munin

    As part of the services we provide for some of our clients, we monitor web page load times. The Munin plugin we were using at the time was this outdated shell script. It worked fine up until we were monitoring lots of urls. If one of those urls took too long to load, it caused the entire plugin to timeout. This sort of timeout would lead to a slew of warning/critical emails from Munin. Oh, and it also only loaded just the html, none of the additional resources a normal browser would grab. To address this I rewrote most of this script in Ruby to handle checking many different virtual hosts/urls on a single server. This was a fun exercise in threading, daemons, and a nice refresher on Ruby development.

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