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Metal Toad has been doing work for Media & Entertainment companies like Sony, FOX, Disney, Technicolor - and more - for well over a decade.  Check out our AWS for Media and Entertainment page for more insight!

  • Jonathan Mills at a Hollywood premeire

    Data Lakes in Hollywood

    Most people don't know that my experience in Hollywood goes back almost 20 years. My first real job was working at HOME BOX OFFICE (HBO) in the mid-2000's.

  • Media Content Distribution + Cloud

    Media Content Distribution + Cloud

    Executive Interview with Fredrik Andersson, Founder and SVP of Products of Accedo While in-person events have been curtailed by COVID-19, innovation continues to advance in both tech and media and entertainment.

  • Digital Rights Management plus Cloud

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) + Cloud

    Executive Interview with Olga Kornienko, COO and co-founder of EZDRM While in-person events have been curtailed by COVID-19, innovation continues

  • Media Supply Chain + Cloud

    Media Supply Chain + Cloud

    In this interview, I chat with Erik Åhlin about media supply chains, how M&E companies can leverage the power of the cloud, and what he sees for the future of the industry. 

  • cool tech graphics

    Lambda: javascript vs python

    For this hackathon we created a product, YouToad, using Amplify (S3, React, Lambda) and AWS Elemental MediaConvert

  • cool tech graphics

    Metal Toad Hackathon - A unique (non-technical) experience

    Have you ever felt happy, nervous, motivated and excited in just 48 hours? If your answer is no you have never participated in a hackathon before!

  • Bill Martin Editorial

    Cloud + Live Events

    As CIO at sports and music entertainment giant AEG, Bill Martin drives the convergence of business and technology to deliver innovative success. Bill and I got together to talk about how businesses are actualizing the promise of the...

  • TV sitting in field with dark clouds

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment & tech industries

    To say that we have entered turbulent times is perhaps an understatement. As we watch things unfold in real time (in my house we are glued to the news coming out of the AppleTV) I am trying to gauge the shockwaves that are going to impact our industries on both technology or media & entertain

  • NYC Banner-Postponed

    AWS Media Symposium—New York 2020 (Postponed)

    Excited about the future of media and entertainment? Join us at the AWS Media Symposium in New York this year (March 11, 2020). We’re excited to be sponsors at what promises to be an illuminating day of ...

  • HPA Tech Retreat Banner

    HPA Tech Retreat 2020

    Exhilarating, overwhelming, and immensely inspiring—the HPA Tech Retreat (February 17–20 in Palm Springs, CA) is one of our favorite events of the year.

  • AWS Media Symposium—Miami 2020 Banner

    AWS Media Symposium—Miami 2020

    We’re excited about the AWS Media Symposium in Miami this year (February 13, 2020). It will be a full day for AWS partners, experts, technologists, and leaders in the M&E industry to learn and connect. 

  • VIP Event Banner

    2019 State of Video+Cloud for Media & Entertainment VIP Luncheon: AWS Elemental

    The cloud is transforming everything, and the Media & Entertainment industry in Los Angeles is feeling this shift acutely.

  • Los Angeles City skyline with palm trees

    The Battle for Cloud dominance in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is a massive metropolis.  While only #18 by population - with a mere 18.7 million people - Los Angeles is 3rd in the world in GDP with over a trillion of dollars produced annually.

  • Streaming fail

    Lessons from Disney+ Launch

    We have been waiting, like many people, for the launch of Disney+.  We were genuinely disappointed by the outages and management issues that were covered so widely in the press.  

  • DJ Batman

    DC Comics & Hip Hop

    Many years ago I got into skateboarding, soon after, that lead to hip hop. Something about the two seemed to be synonymous around that time, or perhaps it was just my area (Metro Detroit).

  • cool tech graphics

    The Emmys Chooses Drupal 7

    For those who watched the Primetime Emmys last night the content management system (CMS) used to support the website probably didn't matter all that much. That's because the site just worked, despite a heavy load of over 3 million page views (with a peak in a single hour of over 500,000). Behind the scenes the site is the result of a lot of hard work from...

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