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As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, we've written a thing or two about managed services.  This is a list of all of our help articles on the topic. Please be sure to check out our AWS Managed Services page too!

  • 5 Signs You Need Cloud Migration Consulting

    5 Signs You Need AWS Cloud Migration Consulting

    At some point in the last decade, you’ve probably bought a new computer. And at first, it’s great: performance is zippy, but after a few years, things start slowing down. Even though you upgrade your OS things seem wonky.

  • AWS Insight

    Managed Services for AWS

    One ‘gotcha’ I’ve experienced when discussing cloud ecosystems is that the term ‘managed services’ has drastically different meanings depending on the context. This is unfortunate as it adds extra effort to get to truly valuable conversations around the power of cloud.

  • How to Choose the Right Cloud Provider

    How to choose the right cloud provider

    The promise of cloud technology has spawned tremendous innovation by some of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world.

  • AWS Lambda

    What is AWS Lambda?

    AWS Lambda, for those not familiar with it, is an event driven serverless (what is serverless?) platform for compute resources.

  • AWS NAS insight

    Setup a NAS on AWS

    As part of Metal Toad’s Managed Services Team, I have worked extensively in custom cloud based solutions. There is no doubt Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads the pack in Cloud hosting, but when it comes to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, I have found a shortfall...a fast solution.

  • Los Angeles City skyline with palm trees

    Cloud technology in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles' Scope Los Angeles is a massive metropolis.  While only #18 by population - with a mere 18.7 million people - Los Angeles is 3rd in the world in GDP with over a trillion of dollars produced annually.

  • AWS Header Image

    What is AWS Cloud?

    Taken literally AWS is an acronym for Amazon Web Services, but that doesn't really help to clarify what it AWS is.  Summarized, AWS is Amazon's offering for selling computer time in the cloud.

  • Bill Martin Editorial

    Cloud + Live Events

    As CIO at sports and music entertainment giant AEG, Bill Martin drives the convergence of business and technology to deliver innovative success. Bill and I got together to talk about how businesses are actualizing the promise of the...

  • pc, phone, and headphone

    How-to Solve for Your Windows Update Hanging/Failing

    Since this is IT, first things first: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

  • Man jumping in clouds

    Why the Cloud Movement Is the Future of All Business

    Cloud computing is quickly becoming not just another tech innovation, but a fundamental shift in the way businesses function. Learn the top 6 advantages of moving to cloud and the ONLY 3 ways to accomplish innovation.

  • Stackdriver

    Using Monitoring to meet Managed Services SLAs

    So if you didn’t know, Metal Toad has been growing an AWS Managed Services hosting business.

  • AWS logo

    AWS Cross-Account Roles and Consolidated Billing

    Amazon Web Service recently introduced support for cross-account roles. What this now means, is that you can use one IAM account to access multiple AWS accounts.

  • AWS CloudFormation

    Cloud Architecture: AWS CloudFormation

    In my previous blog series, Evolution of a Custom Cloud, I went over how our base design for a custom cloud has improved and how we setup our current VPC network architecture.

  • cool tech graphics

    Reliably Monitoring MySQL Replication

    Replication is a wonderful thing for your clients. Having a 'hot spare' of their database(s) for redundancy, or being able to off-load read operations from the main database to increase performance, giving your client peace-of-mind about their data and application.

  • cool tech graphics

    The 2013 Emmys Leverage AWS

    When preparing for a big event, it is our job to make sure the general public sees exactly what is expected, and with the help of Amazon Web Service (AWS) we did! All planning comes with a few standard issue assessments/steps: Identify need, identify options, and begin to build!

  • cool tech graphics

    Metal Toad Managed Services Dashboard - Part 2: Tools for Logging

    In Part 1 we saw that the layout showed a glimpse of what is behind the scenes of our new managed services dashboard, the graphs were all generated with the help of a utility called Graphite

  • cool tech graphics

    Metal Toad Managed Services Dashboard - Part 1: The New Dashboard

    For some time now, our clients have had the ability to login and see their server stats with Munin or Kibana. The problem is, both of these give more information than what is needed and the client is forced to use multiple sites to see the information.

  • ethernet plug

    You Should be Paying More Than $50/month for Hosting.

    In the year 1999, if you ran a business and you had a website, you were ahead of the game. It meant that in addition to finding you in the Yellow Pages (where most people still looked) you could also be found on the "World Wide Web".

  • cool tech graphics

    TinyDNS as a Puppet Module

    As a data center operator we are in need of DNS handling for our internal servers and appliances. Handling IP’s for everything is not really an option and also changes to servers are much easier to handle if we can use assigned domain names instead of IP addresses. When we started looking at open source DNS servers for the Linux operating system there are really 2 bigger contestants out there in the market: Bind and TinyDNS. This said Bind pretty much owns the market. That comes with advantages and disadvantages. One big advantage of Bind over TinyDNS is the amount of documentation and support on the community. It’s been around for so long you find pretty much any answer to any question you’ll ever have. The big downsides of Bind are its size and the fact that it is used all around. So obviously security vulnerabilities are mostly exploited on commonly used systems since you get more bang for your buck.

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