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JQuery is one of the many JavaScript systems Metal Toad has worked with over the years.  Our favorite currently is React JS, but you don't always get to choose!  Learn more tips and tricks below.  Enjoy!

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    Autocomplete Using ActiveAdmin and Rails 3

    I love how easy ActiveAdmin is to use out of the box, but it can force you into using a panoply of workarounds for forms with any significant level of complexity. The challenge I faced was making this:

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    How To Detect Which Element Was Clicked, Using jQuery

    Sometimes we would like to find out which particular element (or set of elements) has user clicked on. However, binding click events on each element manually might not be the most practical way of accomplishing this. Or we might want to fire a certain event if user

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    JavaScript: Resizing text to fit in a container

    This span is too big for this div

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    Improved Lazy Loading for iPhone & Android

    The latest version of the jQuery Lazy Load plugin (released Jan 29th, 2012) included the ability to customize your data attribute parameter.

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    Why HTML5 Makes Sense for Business

    There's a lot of buzz from developers about HTML5, but what does it really mean to business? I look at in terms of...

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    Revenge of the node comments: a pure jQuery comment pager

    A previous post described how to reposition node comments with Drupal's hook_menu_alter(), to facilitate a tabbed interface. One side effect that popped up was pagers – when a pager link was clicked, the tab state got reset. The solution was to refresh the #comments div with AJAX. As an interesting twist, it uses the ability of jQuery's $() to construct a new DOM object from HTML. This means that no new menu callback is needed in Drupal; it fetches the comments directly from the href in the pager link. While a little inefficient, this technique has the cool benefit of being able to grab any content from anywhere on your site, with merely a URL and a selector. It also degrades gracefully for non-javascript users; since without JS the tabs appear as sequential blocks the pager will function normally. (The following code is based on the AJAX Comments project).

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    Customizing views_cycle module for differently styled marquees

    During the theming process for the Emmys, specifically Emmys.com and Emmys.tv, we were presented with 2 differently styled marquees. On Emmys.com, the pager uses an image, while on Emmys.tv, the pager uses number with a background image along with next/previous buttons.

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    Drupal/AJAX: Exercise caution when using special foreign characters

    I was recently working on a Brazilian Drupal 6.x site that uses CCK forms and needed some functionality to map a dropdown select list of states to another dropdown of cities in the chosen state, which I accomplished using a combination of the

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