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Learn how Metal Toad leverages Github with our top tips and tricks from our blog.

  • Development Tool

    Missing a Development Tool? Make Your Own!

    Do you ever wish you had a certain tool, but you don’t have the budget for it, or it doesn’t even exist? I’m here to tell you: you can build it!

  • Github Octocat

    How to Integrate GitHub PRs with Bamboo CI

    Bamboo / GitHub integration isn't perfect – perhaps because Atlassian wants to steer you towards Bitbucket (their GitHub competitor). Out of the box, there are several headaches. Below, I'll cover these, and how to solve each one

  • code - don't be afraid

    Full Stack Basics for the Non-Developer

    Let's visualize and talk about the "full stack" of web development. From a developer's standpoint, we're probably talking about the layers of code involved in delivering a website to an end user.

  • Push to receive bacon

    Git: Always Be Branching (ABB)

    In this week's episode, we'll be revisiting the Git workflow in greater detail. I was originally going to discuss Capistrano too but quickly realized that would make for a really long blog post so I will save Capistrano for next week. However, I will say that they both have a similar role in helping you organize your data.

  • Are you even joined

    Git: Always Be Committing (ABC)

    For a junior in the working world, that word takes on a whole new meaning if you are looking at it from the perspective of professional growth. Being a junior in any field can consist of some pretty broad results depending on a number of factors...

  • git bisect

    A beginner's guide to GIT BISECT - The process of elimination

    The slowest, most tedious way of finding a bad git commit is something we've all done before. You checkout some old commit, make sure the broken code isn't there, then checkout a slightly newer commit, check again, and repeat over and over until you find the flawed commit. Using git bisect is a much better way. It's like a little wizard that walks you through recent commits, asks you if they are good or bad, and narrows down the broken commit. In this blog post, I encourage you to create a fresh git repository and walk through each step. Hopefully, you'll gain an intrinsic understanding of git bisect by the end of the exercise.

  • cool tech graphics

    Learning Better Dev Skills by Programming in Public

    Learning to develop professionally involves a lot more than just writing code. Major required skills include keeping code stable long-term, sharing tasks within a team, and building understandable interfaces so your code can be connected to and run from other programs.

  • cool tech graphics

    Asynchronous processes in flash don't have to feel random - RequiredSequence v0.4 released

    During my last mini flash project I created a project designed to help me with async calls in AS3. I hope that it helps you too. You can find the project on my github account. Intro

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