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Metal Toad is a strong advocate for education, from our work on Mentorship Saturdays to our CEO's work on public education boards.  Learn more about our take on what makes for a strong education.  You may also want to check out our career advice.

  • Carmen Editorial

    Cloud + Higher Education

    Carmen Lidz is the Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer at Los Angeles Community College District, where she shapes the technology vision and implements strategies, infrastructure, and enterprise systems and services to support the entire...

  • cool tech graphics

    ToadCast 014 - Everyone's got a phone and a toilet

    Joining me for our 14th ToadCast is Chris Trahey where we talk about doing what is right for your clients and the benefits of developers as technical sales. We also discuss notification overload, the anxiety surrounding a desire to know everything, and managing your todo list.

  • cool tech graphics

    ChickTech High School Workshop

    All developers know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a tricky section of code. To me that feeling is a distant second to the accomplishment felt when teaching someone else the joys of this hobby/career that I hold so dear. This past weekend (Jan.

  • cool tech graphics

    Getting Kids Interested in Programming with MIT's Scratch

    By day, I am mild-mannered web developer, but by night I go by another title: "Dad". Like most parents, I hope that my children will spend their days doing something constructive instead of wasting precious early development time absorbing mindless entertainment.

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