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Metal Toad's database experience spans all kinds of systems: from MySQL to Postgres, to NoSQL systems like CouchDB.  We've collected all of our database advice and put it here for your reference.  Enjoy!

  • Screenshot of a map of Portland, Oregon with colored tracks representing the paths calculated by an AI

    Spatial analysis with PostgreSQL and OpenStreetMap

    I've always been a map geek, dating back to the 1980s when I would take a road atlas and some tracing paper and draw in my own road network. And one of my favorite games is to take an old map or globe and try to...

  • Nosql gif

    Say no to NoSQL AKA NewSQL is the future!

    With the rise of Big Data™ and IoT we saw a large wave of NoSQL™ proponents. Everyone began to jump on the bandwagon and hype trains to use these technologies to service their persistence layers. It became a mantra and...

  • Microsoft

    Proxying MS SQL connections using PuTTY

    Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database isn't too hard, most of the time. But, what if the database is in your office, and you want to access it remotely, but you don't have a VPN?

  • big data infographic

    Big Data for the Hopelessly Relational

    I've been working with relational databases for a long time. In fact, my very first job as a software engineer waaaaay back when was converting an MS Access database from one very old version to another very old version (I think it was the shiny new Access 2000).

  • cool tech graphics

    What I Learned Today: MySQL Shell Commands

    This is a quick one that I learned from a co-worker. He was in the MySQL shell and instead of ending his query with a semi-colon, like I normally use, he used \G.

  • cool tech graphics

    Drupal Debugging: Clues from the Database

    Have you ever chased a bug down a rabbit hole and spent a few hours down there only to come back up for air thinking "why, oh why does the bug taunt me"? If you have then you know that every clue can count. Any given clue can send you on the shortest path from A to B, or it can send you spiraling. When looking for clues always remember that your code is not the only place to look. Sometimes valuable hints can be gained from the database as well.

  • cool tech graphics

    Using Node and CouchDB to get things done

    As I mentioned earlier, I love JavaScript. Today, I'd like to talk about how to use it to get (fun) things done. We are going to make a node data-mining script, and store its work in couch.

  • cool tech graphics

    Getting Serious Using Javascript with node.js and couchdb

    I love CouchDB and node.js.

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