AWS Rekognition

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One of the coolest AWS Services out there, AWS Rekognition does visual object recognition using a machine learning algorithm.  Check out our other top two AWS Machine Learning services as well!

  • Team Babu Frik

    AWS Rekognition, Comprehend, and Transcribe

    Babu Frik, an Anzellan droidsmith with a talent for bypassing droid security systems, erased C3PO's memory. He felt very sad about it. He decided to use AWS Media Services and Rekognition to reprogram C3PO with...

  • Machine Learning Banner Image

    AWS re:Invent Insights—The Future of Machine Learning

    After being immersed in hundreds of announcements and innovations and inspiring presentations at AWS re:Invent, the key insight I came away with was this: machine learning has so radically evolved that it will change the future of every industry smart enough take advantage of it.

  • Amazon Rekognition Banner

    AWS re:Invent Insights—Amazon Rekognition

    As the CEO of an AWS managed services company I go to a lot of events and conferences (talking to fellow cloud evangelists is one of the best parts of my job) and AWS re:Invent is the show of the year when it comes to sheer volume of innovation on display.

  • A large computer monitor showing code, above a laptop where hands are typing code

    Team Knock-Knock Answers the “Who’s There?” Question With AR

    Metal Toad’s winter 2018 hackathon was all about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR).

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