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Learn more about AWS EC2, Amazon's persistent storage.

  • AWS Snowflake

    Data Warehousing With AWS Snowflake

    I recently had a chance to work on a data warehousing project for a client that wanted a centralized data repository of data from a number of analytics providers to run reports against for business intelligence purposes. For this project the client chose...

  • cool tech graphics

    Building an Expandable IoT Data Pipeline - Part 2

    Over the past year I've been building a cloud-based data pipeline for a client focusing on IoT data aggregation.

  • clouds and security

    Best Practices For a Secure Cloud Part 1

    Whether you’re running on premise datacenter, using a private or public IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) hosting platform, security is extremely important. We’ve all seen the horror stories in the news when companies experience data security breaches.

  • AWS Logo

    NFS Performance on AWS

    Last year, I wrote a blog about the performance of various NFS Solutions in AWS. Earlier this year, Amazon announced its own NFS Solution called Elastic File System, “EFS”.

  • cool tech graphics

    Capistrano Deploy to dynamic AWS EC2

    At Metal Toad we use Capistrano to deploy our projects to their respective servers. Normally this is done with a configuration file for each stage (Dev, Staging, QA, and Production) that contains a list of servers. Below is an example of one of those files.

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