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Metal Toad loves working with Android for mobile development. Yes, iOS is great too but we are big fans of Google.  We've cataloged our Android mobile development tips here for your reference.  Enjoy!

Android Conferences

Developers serious about Android development should keep their eye on Google I/O.  Unfortunately 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID19, but it's where all of the latest in feature releases are announced.  You can see what it's like by checking out the last Android announcement from 2019 here:


  • TensorFlow Logo

    Creating a Scavenger Hunt on Android With TensorFlow

    Prior to Google IO 2017, I would have expected creating an image classifier that functions on an Android device to either not work, be terribly slow, or be completely inaccurate.  Fortunately, with the current Machine Learning offerings from Google, including TensorFlow, none of these are true assuming you take some care into putting everything together.

  • User holding phone

    The Value of Android, iOS, and React to the Cloud

    As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Metal Toad helps our clients identify their cloud solutions.  However, one question I frequently hear is, “If we are building cloud solutions, then why is there a need for engineers in Android, iOS, and React specialties?”.

  • Screenshot of the app

    An Exploration of Daydream Using the Android SDK

    Going into the latest hackathon, I knew there were several options for building a virtual reality (VR) app for Android devices. Google currently has two platforms for VR available: Cardboard and Daydream, not to be confused with the screensaver mode on Android phones.

  • Google

    Google IO 2018: Android has a Jetpack

    One of the biggest announcements for Android developers from Google IO 2018 was the announcement of Android Jetpack.

  • Google android

    Google IO 2018: Android Things 1.0

    We’re just starting the week of Google IO 2018 and already there’s a major announcement, before the event’s official start.  Android Things has been moved out of beta is now at version 1.0.

  • Example indoor map

    Android P and Wi-Fi RTT

    Recently, Google launched the first developer preview build of Android P.  With this, several new features were announced, including two that caught my attention.  Those being Neural Networks 1.1 and Wi-Fi RTT.

  • Conductor Controller in Kotlin

    Turning Your UI Into a Well Organized Symphony With Conductor

    User interfaces have evolved over time. However, the archetypal approach to creating great user interfaces on Android has not.

  • Kotlin code

    Initial Impressions of Android Kotlin

    As almost every Android developer has heard of by now, Kotlin is being included as a first class language in Android Studio. Kotlin is a language created by JetBrains, the same company that is responsible for IntelliJ Idea, the core of Android Studio.

  • iOS and Android

    6 Design Tips for iOS and Android

    Recently I've been designing a few mobile apps. The first app was designed from scratch for both iOS and Android. The other was taking a pre-existing iOS app and translating the design and UX to be more suited for Android.

  • cool tech graphics

    It's still not a F&*$ing iPhone.

    So here it is, the post about why I am switching from an Android to an iPhone, with just weeks before the new iPhone 5S release. First let me clarify something: I am a fan of Apple products, but I love Google more. I have used Android phones from HTC, Motorola and Samsung - and it is after buying the latest Samsung S4 that I am finally throwing in the towel. Here's why...

  • Android & iOS

    A Simple Device Diagram for Responsive Design Planning

    Updated for 2015! Check out Analytics-driven responsive web design planning

  • cool tech graphics

    Improved Lazy Loading for iPhone & Android

    The latest version of the jQuery Lazy Load plugin (released Jan 29th, 2012) included the ability to customize your data attribute parameter.

  • cool tech graphics

    Pitfalls When Writing a Canvas Game for Android

    Recently a client approached Metal Toad to develop a prototype game for Android devices and leaving the option of porting it to other devices open.

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    Responsive Web Design and HTML5 are the Future

    With the latest launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, the world is now up to more than five major Android hardware providers. Among each of these, there is also a wide variety in the screen sizes, from the smart phones to mid and larger tablets. Outside of the Android market you have the 800 pound gorilla, Apple with their iPhone, iPod & iPad. And you have RIM with the Blackberry and Nokia (who still can't decide what they are going to use).

  • cool tech graphics

    Google Hotpot Rates Portland 5/5

    Google, the king of the internet, and Portland, OR, also known as Beervana; at first the two may seem unrelated, but at closer inspection it seems as if Portland has been targeted by Google's new service called Hotpot.

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