Diversity at Metal Toad

Metal Toad's Commitment

In the summer of 2015, Metal Toad signed up for the Portland Tech Diversity pledge along with 16 other companies. This is a first step toward addressing the significant gender and ethnicity gap that exists in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the tech industry. In Portland, the general population is heavily white and the diversity within Portland tech companies is whiter still.

For Metal Toad, it means committing real time, money, and resources to both looking at the challenge of increasing diversity and working with folks both internally and externally to improve the situation in our community. Over the past several years, the Toads have worked closely with organizations like ChickTech PortlandWomen Who Hack, and Start Up Weekend Latino Portland and helped to bring the documentary film Code: Debugging the Gender Gap to show here in Portland. Metal Toad Mentorship Saturdays and Diversity Think Tank are additional ways the diversity conversation are kept alive within these four walls.

As a company, we have been able to provide our office and financial backing to support these endeavors, but our support has also been labors of love on the part of our current (and former) staff. From interns to senior leadership, Toads of all levels have chipped in to make the office a more accepting, understanding, and diverse place.

Since 2014, not only has the diversity of the team improved, but the pattern of hiring is even more progressive. Here's a quick comparison:



As Metal Toad maintains this momentum, not only will the company be representative of our community, but it can also serve as a leadership framework in helping people to avoid the catch-22 of not having "enough" of "the right" work experience for a new position in Portland tech. Metal Toad is committed to creating 96 internships by 2018; and all-encompassing diversity will play a sizable role in the selection process.

Metal Toad will continue to commit real time, money, and resources to the diversity initiative in Portland tech. Contrary to opposing opinions, this conversation is not fashionable or fluffy. It creates real value in the workplace and the Toads are proud to have a commitment to diversity as part of our makeup.

Please reach out to us if you would like to continue the diversity conversation.

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