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Metal Toad: Your Partner for Amazon CloudFront Solutions

Metal Toad leverages 15+ years of proven success to help enterprises transform outdated tech into leading-edge solutions, break the cycle of diminishing-returns capital investments, and pay for just the milliseconds you need to deliver peak performance. An award-winning AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we are 1 of only 66 companies globally certified by Amazon as a Consulting Partner in the Digital Customer Experience Competency (Read about it on Amazon here).

Amazon CloudFront

Metal Toad has expertise in helping customers migrate their static web content and images with Amazon CloudFront, creating a seamless user experience to help support their enterprise. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we've used Amazon CloudFront to help our customers with the following:

  • Headless CMS 
  • Improved Search
  • Increased User Engagement

Customer success stories

Wheel of Fortune
When fan engagement began to overwhelm their old on-premises servers, Wheel of Fortune turned to Metal Toad for an elastic solution that could perform flawlessly—with 100% uptime and lightning-fast speeds—and save money too. Read the case study

Eager to drive their leadership in eco-conscious shopping to the next level, Savers turned to Metal Toad to take their legacy platform and upgrade it to a new mobile-first platform, reducing costs by almost 50% from the previous platform. Read the case study

Moving to the cloud was a huge transformation. Now we keep the site running smoothly when our fans need it the most. 
—Esha Dhanraj, Head of Technology, Wheel of Fortune, Sony Pictures Television

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