Elasticsearch and Jetty

I needed a custom REST interface that mimicked a legacy API, rather than using elasticsearch's REST interface directly. Because we all know that I love JavaScript, I wanted it to be written in JavaScript as a servlet. That way I can just run a single executable platform for data, searching, and url mapping/data-munging, as well as static HTML service. And it's all in my favorite language. Here is how I accomplished this:

Using Node and CouchDB to get things done

As I mentioned earlier, I love JavaScript. Today, I'd like to talk about how to use it to get (fun) things done. We are going to make a node data-mining script, and store its work in couch.

Let's make an app that uses node.js and CouchDB to grab location data about the awesome game Glitch, and store it for other apps we will make in later articles.

Getting Serious Using Javascript with node.js and couchdb

I love CouchDB and node.js. I have found myself using them lately, to get a lot of things done, and would like to talk about why a person might want to use them or why they might be stupid tools for building your next app.

What's It All For?

  • Node.js is a very fast, asynchronous server-side, V8-based, javascript implementation.

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