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Quick Tip: Clean Up Your Drupal Modules Folder

Let's say you inherit a Drupal site and the modules folder looks like this:

Dirty modules folder

And being an organized dev, you'd rather it look like this:

A nice organized modules folder

So you create a 'contrib', 'custom' and maybe a 'features' folder for good measure and move everything around.

Then your site blows up and starts giving you errors all over the place.

What happened?

Quick Tip: Stop ZSH Shell Auto-Correct from Driving You Crazy

I switched my Unix shell to zsh a few months ago and overall I love it. But sometimes the autocorrect can be a little *too* helpful.

After the latest upgrade I started getting this every time I typed 'git status':

zsh: correct 'status' to 'stats' [nyae]?

Um no. No thanks I said. Not today. WILL YOU QUIT ASKING ME THAT!?!?

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