PhoneGap Day! Michael Brooks on Contributing to Apache Cordova

Michael Brooks, @mwbrooks

Open Source
Designers are needed.
Tech writers are really, really needed.

"I want to join, but I'm afraid of criticism and making mistakes."
Criticism is part of writing code.
You will make mistakes, but no one cares, its part of the learning

All Projects are different

Phonegap Day! Pamela Fox on Phonegap Pain Points

Pamela Fox - @pamelafox
She used to work for google, was on the Wave project.
When she quit Google, she decided to build her own app. Question was: native? cross-compiled (Titanium? Hybrid?

Decided on a combination of PhoneGap + twitter bootstrap + zepto.js

The easy part: Making it work.
The hard part: Making it work WELL. (I totally agree.)

Pitfalls to look out for when writing a canvas game for Android devices

Recently a client approached Metal Toad to develop a prototype game for Android devices and leaving the option of porting it to other devices open. We decided to develop the game using HTML5's canvas element and wrap it in phonegap to bring it to Android devices. In this post I'll talk about the major pitfalls I encountered while working on the project and provide you with some points to keep in mind while developing canvas games for mobile devices.

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