Apprenticeships in Tech are Not Just for Developers: Explore Digital Project Management Apprenticeships Hayli Hay Fri, 03/03/2017 - 16:52

Metal Toad has the deep belief that apprenticeships in tech can hone new skills introduced in code school and provide real world experiences that can springboard people to a new career. Our founder Joaquin Lippincott has shared his beliefs about how anyone can learn to code and the concept of open source apprenticeships. Metal Toad started its Developer Apprenticeship program in 2015.

Building Departments from Scratch: From Project Management to Client Services. Hayli Hay Thu, 02/09/2017 - 08:31

Metal Toad, I would like to congratulate you for one year of project management consistency, one year without turnover in the project management department. This is a cause for celebration! Raise your glass filled with the libation of your choice and high-five your neighbor. Leading this team and building this department fills me with pride when I reflect on 2016.

Saying No & Behaving No

My kid is a year and a half old. She is accumulating language at a startling rate. A few weeks ago, she started saying “no.” No has quickly become her favorite word. She uses it to mean everything from “I’d prefer to have sugar, please,” to “get that toothbrush away from me.” Sometimes she really means no, but when she really really means it, she doesn’t say the word. She behaves no by turning her head, or, worse, swatting the offending thing away.

Leadership Lessons I've Learned as CEO

I recently answered a question on Quora about the characteristics of great CEOs. While I consider myself far from being a member of that camp, I do feel that I have learned quite a few lessons that may be useful to young entrepreneurs or owners/managers of companies that are growing quickly. The hardest most challenging time for me, was moving past a dozen employees.

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