A JMeter test plan for Drupal

Last week, I wrote about graphing JMeter results with Matplotlib. Let's take a closer look at the actual Drupal test plan.

This plan was adapted from Jacob Singh's test and has five different thread groups: Anonymous browsing, Authenticated browsing, Editing a node, Search, and Login and view user page.

The revised test plan is available for download.

Plotting your load test with JMeter

If you've ever used JMeter, you know it's an awesome load testing tool. It also comes with a built-in graph listener, which allows you to watch JMeter do, well... something.

While this gives a basic view of response time and throughput, it doesn't show failures, nor how the server responds as load increases. And let's face it, it's just plain ugly.

Enter Matplotlib, a beautiful (though complex) plotting tool written in Python.

Ready to get started?