Plan or Pain?

The 2014 Digital PM Summit is here! I'm greatly looking forward to presenting on organizational growth from a PM perspective. I've arrived at the final post in this mega-series supporting the presentation, which focuses on planning (or not planning) for growth. It takes a look at examples where planning is called for, while in other cases making decisions based on growing pains is the most efficient route to success.

The Successful Digital PM, Part 5A: Hiring

Now that I've outlined the major areas to look for in a great Digital PM in previous posts, this post focuses on something equally important: finding those great PMs and getting them on board! Hiring can be a time-consuming process, but it's critical to get right given the crucial role PMs play in projects. Below are some things I've learned and the hiring process we employ at Metal Toad.

The Successful Digital PM, Part 3: Traits

I hate to break it to you, but regardless of desire, you may not be cut out to be a project manager. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of PM success, and all of them need to work in harmony. Some PMs have the skill set needed but find themselves struggling to succeed. Others have the right motivations, but lack a key ability that shoots them in the foot. Here are (what I'd argue to be) the key traits that will bring success. Some can be practiced and learned, while others you're either wired for or you're not.

The Successful Digital PM, Part 2: Self-Process

Here is part two of my multi-part post on what it takes to be a successful digital project manager. In part one, I covered the vast responsibilities of most project managers at web agencies and what makes great project managers tricky to find. This post starts to look at specific individuals and the skill set needed to succeed in the role.

Other posts in this series:

The Successful Digital PM - Part 1: A Digital Project Manger's Role

Project management. Is it a dark art? Is it science? Probably some combination of both. Across the web/app/software development industry, consensus seems to be that finding project managers is easy, but finding great project managers is hard to impossible. At Metal Toad (and likely many similar organizations), a project manager needs a much broader skill set than the ability to create Gannt charts, track budgets, and manage scope. Metal Toad project managers are truly directors of their projects, owning them in their entirety from inception to go-live and beyond.

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