To help provide the American public with a single, web-based source to legally watch movies and television shows.


Envisioning the goal before Metal Toad’s arrival, site architecture expertise gave stakeholders the confidence to move forward.


Metal Toad implemented an Angular JS frontend with a modular backend that allowed for easy interaction with a third-party RESTful API.


WhereToWatch.com enjoyed 26,000 site visits within the first 24 hours after launch, and over 122,000 within the first month.

We’ve been exceedingly pleased with the work Sisu and Metal Toad have done to this point and feel confident that we’ve been in good hands throughout the process.

- Laura N., WhereToWatch.com

Online entertainment piracy (the illegal sharing of copyrighted movies, television shows, etc.) grows exponentially year after year. This threatens the livelihood of many of those working in the American entertainment industry and, after years of ineffectively fighting piracy, those affected generated a new strategy - create a single, online hub for free but legal video entertainment.

WhereToWatch.com was dreamt up to cater to those consumers that enjoy the convenience of internet media but wanted a legal and safe way to watch. The end goal was already in place, but a partner with considerable expertise in advanced site architecture was necessary to carry this concept to completion.

Sisu, Metal Toad’s brilliant design partner on this project, aimed to create a beautiful, user friendly central hub for legal internet video. What they needed from the Toads was a backend collaboration with a third-party data provider’s RESTful API with a short turnaround time. In order to bring the necessary data to the consumer in a presentable, organized format, an AngularJS front end was coupled with a customizable and scalable backend. Vigilant Toads ensured proper site performance upon deploy and still support the site and monitor activity.

In the end, WhereToWatch.com became quite the conversation starter. Public feedback was impassioned and immediate. WhereToWatch.com enjoyed 26,000 site visits within the first 24 hours after launch and 122,200 within the first month.

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